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Maria is a Domincan-American 6th grader in Washington Heights by bus. She has a younger brother and lives with both parents. She was one of the students I was assigned to work with as a classroom tutor because her math skills are below grade level.

Physical presence and gesture: Maria is generally mellow and shy in class. She does not show negative emotions easily but her face brightens up when she’s excited or she understands. When she doesn’t, she seems subdued.

Relationships with children and adults: Maria gets along well with her classmates she shares a table with. They especially enjoy bonding over their love of Kpop. When the table does groupwork for math, they are very patient in explaining things to her. She respects her teachers and is very fond of me - she regularly greets me with a smile as she enters a class and good-bye when she leaves.

Activities and interests: Maria LOVES Kpop and is very interested in learning Korean. She likes to draw and enjoys bright colors. She is very thoughtful and methodical in practicing the Korean alphabet and shows a great amount of care and attention

Formal learning: Maria approaches math problems algorithmically and copies procedures without necessarily knowing why she’s doing them. When she’s just doing procedures she tries very hard, but gets frustrated with remembering the order of the steps and is more tentative. She does really well with big picture/conceptual explanations and visual/tactile aids, both in demonstrating understanding and in her confidence.

DMU Timestamp: July 23, 2020 19:52

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