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Lute- Stem Child Description Derek

Derek is a African- American 6 year old boy, who lives at home with his mother and father and two older siblings. He has an older brother and sister. His grandmother does not live with them but is their afternoon care taker while his mother and Father are still at work.

Physical Presence and gesture: Derek loves to be in the middle of whatever activity is currently happening in the classroom, whether it be a circle time activity or table activity he likes to get the teacher and his classmates’ attention at some point during the activity. This happens when he is sitting at circle time and must point out that either he can’t hear, or someone bumped into him or that he has the answer even though no one was called on. Derek’s rhythm and pace will have to depend on the activity they are currently doing and his interest level in the activity. During free time where it is his choice, he is quick to move and get to where he wants to go and proceed with the activity compared to where it is a teacher lead activity where he will drag. He is usually the last one to arrive to the rug for circle time or takes a lot of time to get himself settled at the table when he does not want to do an activity and will usually procrastinate getting it done by looking for pencils or markers.

Relationships with Children and Adults — Derek does have about two or three children who would qualify as his main friends. These are children that usually at free time or when able to work outside of their table’s he is looking for to interact with and share space with. He generally gets along with most of his classmates. His contact with others is very steady between himself and classmates as well as with the adults he comes into contact with. Throughout the school week there are times he leaves the classroom for specialties and he never has an issue with those adults or with leaving the classroom.

Activities and Interests — Derek is really interested in superhero’s and usually draws them or writes stories about them when it comes time to do art or create story time. He says he has comic books that he looks through as well as video games that he plays along with specific movies that he really likes and will usually want to discuss, with spiderman being his current favorite. This is usually his go to when he is drawing or writing a story. His media strong appeal is usually painting and drawing.

Formal Learning — Derek’s approach to learning when it comes to things like mathematics it is Steps and sequence, and manipulatives that he can work with along with his peers, that would allow him to go back to the steps they learned for breaking down problems and their solutions. For subjects like literacy and social studies it is more context based. He does well once something is described and a example is shown that he can follow and look back to.

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