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Descriptive Review of George

Descriptive Review of George

By Amanda Gilmartin

George is a 9th grade student labeled as a Student with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE). He immigrated from Santo Domingo with his mother and siblings in the middle of his 5th grade year. He attends schools within the NYC school system. After reviewing STEM Field Notes, I have compiled the following descriptive review of a child.

Physical presence and gesture: George’s temperament is up and down. He has days where he is completely withdrawn from the classroom. On these days, he lacks concentration and looks around, unfocused and playful. Other days he is focused and able to complete all required tasks. George has difficulty controlling his emotions when discussing the death of his father over 8 years ago. Some days he is completely withdrawn from the classroom and stays home from school altogether.

Relationships with Children and Adults: When George misses school, he can communicate via email. He has communicated that sometimes when he misses school, he is helping his mother.

Activities and Interests: George enjoys playing video games that include Need for Speed and Black Ops. His favorite school subject is art. He loves drawing the most but it happy with any medium. George is very meticulous and detailed in his artwork. His least favorite subject is science, because there are “too many ideas to remember.”

Formal Learning: According to George, he was left back two times in his education. He was left back in 3rd grade in Santo Domingo and in 7th grade in the United States. According to his age, there are two years missing in his formal education. When he arrived the United States in 5th grade, he tested at the 77th percentile in Spanish. His receptive comprehension in English in Advanced but his productive language skills are slightly lower. Interestingly, when George is attentive to taking notes in class, he represents the information visually.

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