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Descriptive Review of a Child: Tiffany

Tiffany is a sixteen year old African American girl who lives with her mother and two younger siblings. Tiffany’s mother is a single parent and works 12 hour shifts full-time as a nurses aid and often depends on Tiffany to watch her younger siblings while she is at work. Tiffany is often seen doodling amazing artwork of superheroes and other characters that she finds interesting. Tiffany had shared that she either wants to attend art school when she graduates or culinary school, to be either a professional chef or an illustrator after she graduates high school.

Physical Presence and Gesture: Tiffany often presents as being very timid and soft spoken in the classroom. She often speaks and reads in a low flat tone making it difficult for others in class to hear her. When speaking to Tiffany one on one, she makes eye contact and is better able to express herself without anxiety. Her disposition changes when she is working in small groups as opposed to speaking in front of the entire class. Tiffany stutters when she is nervous especially in front of larger crowds of people. This clearly makes her feel insecure. However, while working in small groups, Tiffany shines and seems so much more comfortable and confident in the work she is doing. She loves creating artwork, and will find any way possible to include her art into the projects she submits.

Relationships with Children and Adults: Although Tiffany presents as timid, she has a few good friends that she is often seen spending time with. She has a warm and sweet disposition often attracting either the same, or quite the opposite. Tiffany has a small close circle of friends who seem to be genuine friends with similar interests to her. Tiffany has often run into issues with bullies who have tried to upset her and make her feel inadequate because of her stutter. Tiffany is receiving speech therapy for her speech impediment and has made progress in dealing with it.

Activities and Interests: Tiffany is a talented artist, especially for her age. She is passionate about drawing different well-known video game and Disney characters, and loves to create her own characters as well. This passion is seen in her work in English Education. Creating characters and storylines around these characters is something that Tiffany thoroughly enjoys. She also loves to cook and is always looking for new recipe ideas she can cook for her family.

Formal Learning: Tiffany’s listening comprehension skills far exceed her reading comprehension skills. Listening and reading text at the same time seems to benefit Tiffany’s overall comprehension of text. Tiffany seems to be more of a visual learner, often asking to see pictures of how something functions instead of it being described to her, she says that she needs to see the picture clearly in order to truly grasp certain concepts. This is especially true with mathematical word problems. Tiffany often points out that math is somewhat difficult for her if she can’t see how the functions and operations in algebra and trigonometry really work. However, English seems to appeal to her more because it allows her to be more visually creative.

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