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Description of Child: EJ is a seven-year old boy with brown eyes, short brown hair, a slender frame, and wears glasses. He is attending 2nd grade at PS 19 in the Bronx. Coming from an Ecuadorian background, EJ lives with his mother, father, older brother, and younger sister as well as his extended family in a three-family house. While his parents speak both Spanish and English in the household, EJ speaks in English. Although he understands Spanish, he does not speak it.

Physical Presence and Gesture: EJ has hearing difficulties in both ears, with loss of hearing worse in one ear than the other. Thus, he uses hearing aids. EJ is often seen to turn his back towards the rest of the class during whole group discussions. He is either drawing or on his iPad. However, EJ will call out certain answers which demonstrates that he is actively listening in to the content teacher is instructing. Additionally, EJ is able to perform certain tasks, but requires frequent breaks (he gets tired and listless, fidgets, needs a rest from activity after 15-20 mins, sometimes cannot even complete rest of task (writing a letter – says to teacher he cannot do it even after teacher lists various way to approach going about the task). EJ would also walk around the classroom during times and activities which require students to remain seated at their desks and touches objects in classroom constantly as well as distracting other students from completing their work.

Relationship with Children and Adults: EJ displays social and emotional behavior. For instance, he gets overwhelmed frequently throughout the day and would need constant physical and verbal reassurance from teacher such as back rubs, hugs, holding hands, instructing to take deep breaths and closing eyes etc. He rarely participates in group discussions with his classmates. However, if he sees another child with a graphic novel, he will go up to that child and ask to look through it. For any other events, EJ usually keeps to himself, sometimes muttering or making comments to himself.

Activities and Interests: EJ likes to draw or sketch in his sketchbook, read graphic novels, and go on his iPad. When the rest of the class is involved in other work, EJ sits at his desk and works and plays on his iPad without giving indicators that he is aware of other students at his desk.

Formal Learning: EJ understands and comprehends teacher instructions and discussions but prefers to participate from desk rather than in the meeting area with the rest of his classmates. EJ responds to lesson plans or activities that require some form of illustrations. For instance, he will complete a task or activity if there is an opportunity to draw/illustrate his answer rather than writing it out. Any tasks related to writing or speaking, EJ will either complete only half or not complete at all. Instead, while others are completing their work EJ will walk around the classroom and attempt to distract his peers by speaking loudly or lingering around their desks until he gains some form of their attention. The other subject in which EJ fully participates in is Art; all other subjects vary as it depends on the kind of tasks and activities implemented. For independent reading, EJ will participate or engage in silent reading if it is a graphic novel of his choosing.

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