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TTT 09.09.2020 Youth Voices: A Place to Be Known and to Play the Whole Symbolic Scale

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

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Sep-10-20 Chat transcript from Zoom

You should come to Teachers Teaching Teachers this week, on Wednesday evening, Sept. 9th at 9E/8C/7M/6P if you:
  • Helped create Youth Voices in 2003. There are some new tricks!
  • Have always wanted to know more about Youth Voices. There's never been a better time to give your students a place to hang-out, mess around, and geek out as Youth Voices provides!
  • Have used Youth Voices for blogging over the past few years, and would like to take it to the next level. Collaborative publishing and multimedia tools abound on the site!
  • Just want to get your students out of their own bubble. We are connecting with new schools every week from around the country!
  • Need the practical how-to's to be answered. We are going to get the Judge Memorial seniors set up and ready to go. You'll see how we can do it for your students too!

In Coming on Center (1981), James Moffett calls for students to be given what he describes as “an emotional mandate to play the whole symbolic scale, to find suspects and shape them, to invent ways to act upon others, and to discover their own voice.” For me, "Teaching the Universe of Discourse" (Moffett, 1968) has always been the goal for any curriculum, and providing spaces for youth to play across as much of the digital universe of discourse as possible has been our guiding light on Youth Voices

This summer, I've been building new places and refurbishing underutilized spaces for students to live inside of Youth Voices. I think we can look to Youth Voices to answer recent questions from colleagues on Teachers Teaching Teachers about how -- in these times -- to give our students opportunities be themselves and how to provide them with the tools they need to write for themselves, with each other, and for each other.
In this meeting of Teachers Teaching Teachers will be talking about how you might use some of the affordances of Youth Voices to help your students to build knowledge and develop online conversations with each other about the things they care about.
We will talk about how we can make these tools for writing and learning available to your students on Youth Voices:
  • The use of a private group that includes updates and forums (threaded discussions).
  • There is also our recently updated profile pages that include updates and messages, and many ways to connect with other youth.
  • We will talk about the use of Wordpress Docs which can be private documents or wiki-like collaborative spaces for groups to compose together.
  • I would also like to consider Discussion Posts with a focus on Blocks an innovative and powerful creation tool that has changed Wordpress from a blogging tool to a multimedia, digital publishing tool over the past few years.
  • And we can talk about the ability to co-author posts now.
  • Comments is another important tool on the Wordpress toolbelt.
With each of these tools we can talk about where the work gets published and who gets to see it. There are many privacy and group-only publishing features on Youth Voices that are recent innovations.

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Title: Chat transcript from Zoom


From Chris Sloan : Hi Peggy

From Peggy George : Hi everyone! Sorry I’m late!!! Got a call just when the meeting was starting! Great to be here with you!

From Anna Maine : Celtics are in double OT :)

From Peggy George : haha Anna! multi-tasking??? :-)

From Anna Maine : lol I'm trying....

From Peggy George : @Richard I love the focus on an authentic audience!

From Peggy George : Anna, that sounds like the focus is on the “tool” and not the content or message. If you work on a theme or topic and introduce the tools as they participate it would be more integrated and maybe make more sense??? Just thinking out loud…

From Peggy George : I thought it was my phone ringing! :-)

From Anna Maine : @Peggy: Yes, I am definitely thinking about the tool and how to introduce it in pieces along with content! I guess I need to think about which forms of writing I'm doing first!

From Peggy George : Good point!

From Janet Ilko : I think that is a great way to promote this, especially with my juniors and seniors.

From Anna Maine : I agree

From Paul Allison : Https://

From Paul Allison :

From Peggy George : YouthVoices seems to be really slow loading for me tonight. Is it just me? Slower than usual.

From Peggy George : That looks fascinating!!

From Peggy George : Thanks for the great conversation!!!

From Chris Sloan : Here’s a link to the form I had them use to register:

From Peggy George : Thanks Chris!

From Peggy George : nice simple form!!!

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