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TTT 09.16.2020 Help Us Launch a New, Updated Youth Voices with Powerful Profile Pages and Groups!

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

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Sep-17-20 Chat Transcript during the video conversation

Come play with the new profile features on Youth Voices and make a plan for inviting your students to create a predictable, safe place online that they control for themselves.

Join colleagues from around the country who are already using Youth Voices or are planning to this fall. Find the link to jump into our conversation at Teachers Teaching Teacher tonight, Wednesday, September 16 at 9E/8C/7M/6P.

Anna Maine (Berkeley), Chris Sloan (Salt Lake City), Jessica Hernandez-Speer (Bronx), Kiran Chaudhuri (NYC) & Natalia Navarro (Orange Cove, CA) are launching their students on the NEW Youth Voices, and you can too.

Just copy your roster to this datasheet, and we'll have your students up and running within hours: OR have your students complete this easy form:

What is a Youth Voices profile? How might they be used by students in today's uncertainties?

Here's a list of metaphors we Jessica Hernandez-Speer and I started to describe a Youth Voices profile to our students.

It can be your personal, online
  • locker (where you can put video, audio, images and text that are important to you)
  • homeroom (where you stay connected with your Youth Voices connections)
  • home base (where you come back to re-focus)
  • home page (all of the work you’ve put on Youth Voices will be organized here)
  • headquarters (where you can find the resources to answer all of your questions
  • bat cave
  • fortress of solitude
  • room of your own
  • clean, well-lighted place (where you can explore your own thoughts and writing)
  • place online like a YouTube channel/Instagram page/Facebook feed (for school, of course
We want you to set up your Youth Voices profile. We’ll show you the basics, and a few tools, and then you’re on your own!

Youth Voices Setup Assignment

Anna Maine has taken it to the next level with a detailed and video-enhanced set of instructions for students that include:

PART ONE: Setting up your profile
PART TWO: Setting up your Digital Journal
PART THREE: Writing your first comment

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Added September 17, 2020 at 9:18am by Paul Allison
Title: Chat Transcript during the video conversation


From Anna Maine : @Christina I like yours better

From Stephanie Loomis : I like all the jellies---but only in pictures

From Stephanie Loomis : The fires are just awful. The whole West Coast. I know Happy Camp. :(

From Stephanie Loomis : All those little Nor Cal towns are tight knit

From Stephanie Loomis : And CA makes it SO hard to rebuild--even if you have the money

From Stephanie Loomis : Same in GA---no unified districts. OY

From Anna Maine : What are the connectivity issues faced by rural schools?

From Anna Maine : Wondering how the fires have impacted this too

From Stephanie Loomis : no blips. We got you

From Stephanie Loomis : And here we are getting the rain left over from Hurricane Sally.

From Ross Novick :

From Ross Novick :

From Stephanie Loomis : PREACH

From Anna Maine : Thanks for sharing Ross

From Christina Cantrill : A Virtual Conference on Trauma-Informed Writing Instruction for Educators:

From Christina Cantrill : Thank you Carla. Appreciate you being here.

From Stephanie Loomis : Just sent it to all four of my courses.

From Christina Cantrill : Also glad to see you! This link above is from a Western PA workshop from this summer that might be of interest.

From Stephanie Loomis : I grew up in the Central Valley. Bakersfield, Fresno, Dinuba, Clovis

From Stephanie Loomis : @janet Hello

From Carla Truttman : Thank you so much for letting me share.

From Stephanie Loomis : Reno and Carson City

From Christina Cantrill : Thank you for sharing.

From Stephanie Loomis : I think it is also an opportunity to BE resilient and creative and forward thinking.

From Janet Ilko : I agree, we need to build trust and empowerment. Students and adults are feeling so defeated and frustrated with the mixed messages… the politics of climate change, COVID, the fires, it is a lot and they need a space to share and process.

From Janet Ilko : But the power of COVID is they can’t stop you…

From Carla Truttman : Rich, you are so right!!!!

From Stephanie Loomis : My daughter in GA has to teach online AND in person simultaneously. Say what????

From Stephanie Loomis : Third grade??

From Natalia Navarro : Anna- are you considering having your students join the Book Group in Youth Voices?

From Anna Maine : Oh yeah definitely!

From Natalia Navarro : My students will be joining soon.

From Anna Maine : I think I'm going to use the Book group to help hold kids accountable for independent reading.

From Natalia Navarro : Me too!

From Anna Maine : mine too! One of the school librarians is pushing in next week, so I'm thinking late next week or early the week after

From Janet Ilko : I think this is great, and when I get my writing club together we will definitely be putting up profiles.

From Ross Novick : I have to go. Thank you so much for the invitation, and thank you for sharing your stories. Be well, everyone! I hope to see you soon.

From Anna Maine :

From Carla Truttman : Anna, thanks so much for sharing. This is awesome!

From Jessica Hernandez Speer : I need to go....yes, inspiring, Carla! Thank you so much for sharing, and everyone, always, for this community.

From Carla Truttman : Great meeting you, Jessica!

From Carla Truttman : Agreed.

From Anna Maine : @Natalia wanna be in touch via email about the book groups?

From Anna Maine : [email protected]

From Natalia Navarro : yes: [email protected]

From Carla Truttman : Thank you so much for inviting me to participate. I loved being here.

DMU Timestamp: September 03, 2020 08:33

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