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Descriptive Review- Gabriela


Descriptive Review of a Child: “Gabriela”

Gabriela, who will be using the pseudonym Gaby, is a 7th grade student in Yonkers, NY. Gaby is a Hispanic student, who has long black hair and brown eyes. Gaby’s style is like many of the girls in our school, which consists of sport brand clothing and basketball sneakers. Gaby always comes to school prepared, on time, and with a well-groomed hairstyle. Although Gaby is very reserved about her home life, during a school open house we found that she lives only with her older sister. Gaby’s older sister is very involved in her education and keeps contact with teachers as needed. Gaby has been caring, thoughtful, respectful, and has many friends. Her friend group consists of boys and girls, but she has one best friend. This year has been tough for Gaby, as her best friend moved to Florida in the middle of the school year. Gaby has been in our school since kindergarten and she started her education in the bilingual classes, as her first language was Spanish. In third grade, Gaby was enrolled in a general education class with daily ESL support. Since her transition into a solely English language classroom setting, Gaby’s participation in class has decreased over the years. Notes from previous teachers show that she is an excellent student, who has trouble with class participation. This year Gaby’s grades have been unsteady and she has been sent to the principal’s office a few times for misconduct along with a few of her friends. Gaby is having a hard time in English and Social Studies class, but is excelling in art class. Gaby loves to draw and is very creative with her assignments. The art teacher describes a completely enthusiastic student, who loves to share her work with the class. In other classes, Gaby works hard on creative assignments while keeping writing assignments brief. Gaby has been regularly attending extra help after school and joined the newly established art club at our school. Also, this week she made the girls’ basketball team.

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