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TTT 09.24.2020 What if lesson planning had a second step: World-Building in Minecraft?

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

We invite you to join a group of National Writing Project teachers who have built 10 worlds in Minecraft for your students. Join the conversation with these world-builders on Thursday evening at at 9E/8C/7M/6P.

(NOTE: We will not be meeting on Wednesday evening like we usually do. Instead, we'll be meeting on Thursday.)
Joe Dillion (@onewheeljoe) will lead the conversation with David Barel, Christina Cantrill (@Seecantrill), Matthew Farber (@MatthewFarber), and Marina Lombardo (@MarinaLombardo5) and YOU!
All are invited to participate in this conversation no matter your Minecraft chops! Also, feel free to bring your family's Minecraft expert with you as well.
Please plan to come to learn more about this new English Language Arts Pact that was was created in partnership with the National Writing Project (@writingproject) as a way for students to explore the setting, character, dialogue, and other aspects of writing in the open world of Minecraft Ed (#MinecraftEdu). We hear more about these 10 new lessons that can be found on their blog post:
Teach Writing with the New English Language Arts Pack
In an effort to inquire into the world-building possibilities that Minecraft offers English Language Arts educators and young writers, teachers of the National Writing Project network have created 10 writing lessons related to world-building. These activities invite youth to play with the connections between creative writing and creative gaming.

Setting in Narrative Writing: Explore the desert and imagine story possibilities.

Characters All Around: Meet three characters and create one of your own.

Diving for Dialogue: Help a group of people stranded on an island recover resources from a shipwreck, then write a dialogue.

Exquisite Corpse: Learn about a century-old surrealist game, then write and play in this world.

6 Room Poem Maze: Tour a maze while writing about a powerful image to get practice with poetics.

This I Believe: To help in the writing of a “This I Believe” essay, study mentor-texts from the popular NPR essay series and build objects that represent beliefs.

Where I’m From: Inspired by the poem, “Where I’m From,” by George Ella Lyon, explore digital spaces that illustrate stanzas written by youth, then write your own stanzas and illustrate them.

Conflict in Stories: Tour a scene with a few conflicts to think about story ideas and imagine resolutions.

Narrative in Perspective: The mayor of a troubled village needs your perspective on some difficult issues. Your report will help her set things right.

Settings for Stories: Tour four different environments while you answer questions that fiction writers use to engage in world-building.

These lessons were built with the help of educators interested in thinking about the question, “What if lesson-planning had a second step: world-building?” Each was imagined as a playful interpretation of a concept familiar in English Language Arts, and each asks players to write and build in different ways. Young writers from the Denver Writing Project not only helped test the activities, but a few of them also lent their Minecrafting expertise and aided in the construction of the worlds.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening, September 24th at 9E/8C/7M/6P. We'll post the link to the Zoom conference at

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