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Assessment with NowComment

NowComment has three built-in tools that make assessment easy for Instructors:

Assessing Student Participation

  1. Individual Document — Sorting comments by student name gives you:

  • a count of how many comments each student made (checking against a minimum number of assigned comments if you choose to set one)

  • an easy way to compare the quality of those comments between students

To see sorted comments click the “Sorted” radio button while reading the document.

  1. Multiple Documents Report — This is just a more flexible version of the sort above; you can run it on one document, a few selected documents, on every document commented on during that term, or whatever you want. Go to your My Library page and choose the “Multi-Doc Report” choice on the Options menu for any document on the page.

Using NowComment to Administer Tests

You can choose to hide comments via the Document Properties page so students can only see their own comments (you as the document uploader can always see everything); this lets you use a NowComment document as an online test instrument. Advantages are:

  • easy logistics; everything is online for access from any computer;

  • all the student responses are on a single document, not scattered on multiple pieces of paper, so it’s easy for you to compare answers (e.g. essays);

  • you can set document properties to give online access to the document for a limited time window;

  • there may be rare situations where you would want to “unhide” the responses and let your students see everyone’s answers once commenting access to the document ends when the testing period is over.

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Quickstart: Commenting and Sharing

How to Comment
  • Click icons on the left to see existing comments.
  • Desktop/Laptop: double-click any text, highlight a section of an image, or add a comment while a video is playing to start a new conversation.
    Tablet/Phone: single click then click on the "Start One" link (look right or below).
  • Click "Reply" on a comment to join the conversation.
How to Share Documents
  1. "Upload" a new document.
  2. "Invite" others to it.

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