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TTT 10.21.2020 We invite you to have your students Hang Out, Mess Around, and Geek out with ours on Youth Voices and NowComment

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

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Oct-23-20 Transcript of the chat during our video conversation

Come hear what teachers and their students from around the country are building on Youth Voices and NowComment

We'll ask two simple questions of the teachers who are building this online community together:

  • What's something you are doing with your students on Youth Voices and NowComment?
  • How might you imagine inviting other youth from this network to work with your students?
There's never been a better time than now to join this community and connect your students with youth from around the country!
We invite you to join the conversation at TTT Wednesday evening, October 21st at 9E/8C/7M/6P.
Like last week, I'm still organizing around this description of "networked publics" by danah boyd. What we are building together is:
the imagined collective that emerges as a result of the intersection of people, technology, and practice.
People: I would love for us all to meet Thano Prokos and Kelly Crescenzo, two teachers from Rosary High School in Aurora, Illinois who just added their students to Youth Voices. They are planning to come. In addition, our friends of many years, Sam Reed (Philadelphia) and Janet Ilko (San Diego) just got their students on Youth Voices, and Paul Hankins' (Indiana) students are ready to bloom on the site! Plus, Caleb Wohlust (Colorado) is looking to see where all of this fits for him. And we have a colleague from South Korea, Camille Butcher, who has added her students from the Daegu International School as well. (I don't know if Camille will be able to join us yet. It will be Thursday morning for her.)
Technology: (Here's one example of several places where we've been tinkering.) With the help of developers, we've added an RSS feed to the list of public comments on each student's NowComment profile. We can take this feed and add it to Youth Voices (using a Feed to Post plugin) which then adds each comment to that student's activity feed on their Youth Voices profiles. I think we can imagine several routes from these activity updates through "bookmarks" to digital portfolios. Here's one student I set up this way. Estefani's Profile
Practice: It's not just what you are doing, it's how you do it that is striking! Kiran Chaudhuri (NYC), Jessica Hernandez-Speer (Bronx), Bryan Jeffreys (SLC), Natalia Navarro (Orange Cove), Anna Maine (Berkeley), Dawn Reed (Michigan), and Chris Sloan (SLC) are taking the lead -- in beautifully refracted ways -- by engaging youth in reading with NowComment and with other online sources and by having them post and comment about their discoveries on Youth Voices. What's next? Do we have ideas for forum topics in the Book Club yet?
Let's make tonight a celebration of student work! Please be ready to point to comments, posts, or conversations you have seen on Youth Voices or NowComment.

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Added October 23, 2020 at 12:03pm by Paul Allison
Title: Transcript of the chat during our video conversation


From Harry Brake : Evansville, Indiana?! LOL I had a high school friend who had moved there and I was there for a few weeks almost 30 years ago! LOL!

From Paul W. Hankins : Our Madalyn (Maddie) is a first-year student in the School of Education. She is a Hoosier Next Generation Educator Scholarship recipient.

From Harry Brake : APP- rehension, that is GOOOOD

From Paul W. Hankins : I'm stealing APP-rehension. Who would know?

From Harry Brake : you are making it easy for them to see how to do critical thinking/critical response - that is hard to do when a lot of students now feel to try and get in as much as fast as possible, so it ends up being in chunks /bytes as I see students feel something just to rip off 1-2 lines and hurry off

From Harry Brake : wow disability narratives could go so many great places,

From Chris Sloan : Can you share links to those resources you just mentioned Paul H?

From Anna Maine : Instructional video I made for posting a comment:

From Anna Maine : Feel free to use

From Anna Maine : Publishing a discussion post:

From Thano Prokos : Thanks Anna!

From Anna Maine : Here's the setup assignment Kiran was talking about:

From Chris Sloan : Like Anna, I also put together some videos for my students re: Youth Voices.

From Harry Brake : so this is serving as a portfolio/vitae for them

From Chris Sloan : @Harry Lots of potential there

From Christina Cantrill : brb

From Paul W. Hankins : Thank you for the videos on how to make a comment and a discussion. I just added these to our Schoology Resources. This way our students can look independently at a tutorial vs. my doing a whole-room description/instruction. Thanks, Chris.

From Janet Ilko : Chris rocks!

From Janet Ilko : Chris are you all safe in your district? I hear the numbers are going up.

From Chris Sloan : @Janet You’re the original rocker!

From Janet Ilko : I get a whole new class of juniors November 2, and the current group that just enrolled will be back with me in January. So you won’t see much of us yet, but stay tuned. Hoping to get a book club on one of these texts in November as we switch courses.

From Anna Maine : Woohoo! That's exciting Janet. These transitions are bittersweet I think.

From Janet Ilko : It is insane, but we just announced we are staying distance learning for the semester officially, so I am hoping to really build our involvement with this soon.

From Janet Ilko : Also, love the comment templates, they are so needed for this group.

From Anna Maine : oof yeah that's also bittersweet!

From Janet Ilko : That I have.

From Janet Ilko : I seriously think that during COVID you get more space to interpret fair use.

From Anna Maine : good point

From Janet Ilko : I love the view in context button!

From Chris Sloan : What kind of schedule are you on, Janet?

From Harry Brake : This is the double header night right? 1 more hour? LOL

From Anna Maine : only if you're watching the Dodgers rn

From Thano Prokos : Go Rays! ;)

From Christina Cantrill : Sorry I need to go! good night all .

From Christina Cantrill : Link to American Creed:

From Harry Brake : Janet, WHOA, you make me look like a SNAIL- holy Mother of Youth Voices

From Janet Ilko : Chris, we are on double blocks so 9 week semester… Kids are takin g 2 or 3 courses at a time. 4 days a week 90 minute periods

From Anna Maine : Here are mine

From Anna Maine :

From Chris Sloan : Thanks Anna

From Janet Ilko : Thank you Anna!

From Paul Allison :

From Harry Brake : So.....we need a Youth Voices Week, like Banned Books Week,, or National Student Tech Week, so we can have a week of Youth Voices Workshops - what about a Youth Voices Week long Conference? :)

From Chris Sloan : Nice Harry. Let’s have a parade too

From Harry Brake : absolutely!

From Harry Brake : lol

From Anna Maine : lol

DMU Timestamp: October 19, 2020 19:17

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