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TTT 10.28.2020 Youth Voices Skills: A New Tool for Turning Standards Into Conversations

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

We invite you to join us on TTT this Wednesday evening, October 28th at 9E/8C/7M/6P to learn more about "skills" or achievement or awards or badges -- recognitions really that any student or teacher on Youth Voices can recommend for another student or teacher.
We are planning to run this TTT a little differently -- as a workshop -- where after a brief introduction, you will be invited to pair up with another teacher to create skills post for each other, then recommend your partner for that skill. You'll get more clear about what this new assessment tool is all about by creating and recommending one yourself. Then we can award it to you.
To prepare, please think of something you do in your work that makes you feel proud as an educator. Bring that skill with you to TTT and we'll pick it up from there.
Here's more:

What's a skill?

A skill is a special post on Youth Voices. Any member can create a skills post to identify a valued habit of heart, mind, and/or work that there is evidence for in another member’s activity stream on Youth Voices or elsewhere online.

Once a skill is posted to the skills page, both teachers and students on Youth Voices can nominate another member to be recognized for that skill. Teachers on the site can also read the nominations and approve them.

Once approved, a skill appears under the skills tab on a member’s profile, and that member is added to a list of “people who have earned this” skill. There are no limits on how many times a member can be recognized for a skill or how many skills members can be recognized for.

A skills post has:
  • an image to represent it, made by adding an icon to this template.
  • a title with standards-type, familiar language that could complete this sentence: Your friends and teachers agree that you are a person who… (See below for writing guides and examples.)
  • a sub-title sentence that expands on your understanding of what this learner can do using more edgy, provocative, juicy, precise, interesting adjectives. (See below for writing guides and examples.)
  • a descriptive paragraph that offers criteria for assessing the work in evidence.
Students and teachers can:
  • create skills posts
  • nominate others for a skill
  • be recognized for a skill
Teachers can also:
  • review nominations
  • approve/revoke skills
Come learn more this Wednesday evening, October 28th at 9E/8C/7M/6P. We'll leave a link to our Zoom conversation/workshop at

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