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TTT 02.03.2021 Planning for the Spring in Kumospace: Say goodbye to boring video calls

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

Are you or your students experiencing Zoom/Meet/Team fatigue? Do you wish there were other, more human ways to interact with your colleagues or students in online video chats?

We invite you to join us on Teachers Teaching Teachers this Wednesday evening, February 3rd at 9E/8C/7M/6P at

Two guests will begin our conversations by showing us around Kumospace.

  • Max Schilling @maxwellscomment who is on the building team at Kumospace.
  • Ramon Gil @ramonsgil who has been experimenting with Kumospace in his classes at FIT.

What if...

...we met our students in Kumospace classrooms like these that Jessica Hernandez-Speer and I are experimenting with at a school in the Bronx this spring?

What if...

... we invited our Youth Voices/NowComment students -- the seniors who are graduating soon, the freshman who have never met their classmates at their new schools -- to meet each other in Kumospace spaces like these?

What if...

... we met in a Teachers Teaching Teachers space each Wednesday evening at 9E/8C/7M/6P to form workgroups and do workshops for each other, using more of an unconference format

We invite you to come to see what this is like on Wednesday evening, February 3rd at 9E/8C/7M/6P. We plan to start with a playful welcome and tour of Kumospace, then turn to share plans with each other about how we might use and with our students this coming semester.

Bring your ideas, resources, curriculum, and questions!

DMU Timestamp: November 12, 2020 20:50

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