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NowComment Fall 2014 Higher Education Newsletter

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New Features
for Teachers!

New for the Fall

  • Login with a Google or Facebook account

  • Create accounts by importing a class roster

  • Create accounts for students without email access

  • Compile documents into personal or class blogs

  • Highlight in multiple colors, produce group “heat maps”

  • Export documents and comments more easily

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Other Recent Enhancements

  • Upload PDFs

  • Edit Documents to fix typos, add material, and (like Microsoft Word) accept suggested changes

  • Interface to your LMS (e.g. Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai) via LTI

  • Consolidate email notifications to one daily message

Our Features Gallery shows everything NowComment can do.

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Why Teachers Like NowComment

  • Commenting is a great way to hold students accountable for assigned reading, and having all their comments in a single online document can simplify your review and feedback workflow.

  • Automatic sorting and tallying of student comments lets you easily evaluate the quantity and quality of their participation, per document or for selected documents.

  • NowComment’s design reinforces key teaching goals. Our summary line requirement pushes students to think through what they’re writing, and sentence-level commenting encourages close reading and helps students find text-based evidence. Here’s a K12 Common Core perspective.

  • NowComment has been successfully used by 2nd graders -- you and your students won’t have any trouble.

See more reasons here.

Watch a 2-Minute Overview

Students Like It Too (More than Online Forums!)

NowComment channels students' enthusiasm and comfort with social media into engaged class discussion. And NowComment is more interactive and efficient than online forum software:

  • Students don't have to switch back-and-forth between the assigned document and its comments; both are together on the same screen.

  • Students don't have to explain which sentence or paragraph they're commenting on, NowComment provides that context automatically.

  • Clicking on an interesting or confusing passage immediately displays any existing comments about it.

Use NowComment in Your Classroom

It's powerful, easy to use, and free for unlimited numbers of documents and invitees. Popular applications include:

  • Preparation for in-class discussion

  • Small group work (e.g. e.g. writing feedback)

  • Distance education (no other tools needed)

  • Flipped classroom use

  • Collaboration with colleagues (at your school or anywhere)

We're happy to answer questions and consult on applications:
[email protected] or @nowcomment

Best wishes for the school year!

The NowComment Team

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