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TTT 02.10.2021 Give Students Props: Choose a Habit of Mind and a student. Describe and link to work. Give an award.

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

Looking for a way to identify your students' efforts and thoughtful work in this pandemic? Join us in a project to provide alternative measures for our students when "failure" and "learning loss" seems to be the narrative being written for our youth.

This week's TTT is a follow-up from our meeting on January 27, 2021: Why Habits of Mind matter more now than ever: A conversation with Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick.
Come see how a group of teachers on Youth Voices has built a powerful and seamless way for students to give and receive recognition for the habits of mind they show in their work.

Join us on Teachers Teaching Teachers on Wednesday evening, February 10 at 9E/8C/7M/6P at (You need to be on a computer and using Chrome.)

The Habits of Mind engine at is up, tested, tweaked, fixed, and ready for your contribution. It works and it's easy to do. (Habits is on the top menu on Youth Voices as well.)

On TTT this week, we will send Habits of Mind awards to some of our students. This will seed the matrix with examples that students can follow.

Once we have given props to our students, it will be clear, we think, how to invite those same students to give back by finding a peer to recognize themselves -- perhaps working as pairs or in small groups.

These Habits of Mind achievement awards come from decades of theory, research, hacking, and teaching experience with digital portfolios, alternative assessments, and digital badges. We are beginning to assert that our awards engine on Youth Voice at is a tool that answers many of the questions we have had over the years about who can make, give, and approve badges and what they mean to students and teachers and to the outside world.

We are pretty confident -- after many conversations with colleagues and students -- that these Habits of Mind are a smart list of behaviors that matter to all of us. This is an alternative assessment and one that can matter. There's no hierarchy. Any member of the Youth Voices community can recognize any other member of Youth Voices for having demonstrated a Habit of Mind. (Teachers can rescind and delete problematic awards.) Any member of Youth Voices can create another Habit of Mind to add to this first collection of sixteen by Arthur L. Costa & Bena Kallick.

We have built an awards/badge engine that works the way we want it to. Any Youth Voices member can send a Habit of Mind to any other member, and there are no limits on how many awards can be made or how many times anyone can get a specific habit. And, the awarder's comments and links to work go with the achievement to that student's profile. All to say, that it works and it's pretty easy to do -- something we all need now

Are you ready to use the Habits of Mind matrix on Youth Voices to help create an alternative story about youth during this hard time?

Join us on Teachers Teaching Teachers on Wednesday evening, February 10 at 9E/8C/7M/6P at (You need to be on a computer and using Chrome.)

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