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TTT 02.17.2021 The Art of Graphic Memoirs with Kevin Vachna

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

Kevin Vachna @vacattac and Paul Allison @paulallison invite you to this week's Teachers Teaching Teachers at on Wednesday evening, February 17th at 9E/8C/7M/6P.

Kevin ( will share with us:

  • the first chapter of "Obsolete," a graphic novel he published recently
  • his directions for a comic project for his seniors at Stepinac High School
  • student-created comic examples from last year's seniors.

We will then have an opportunity to identify the Habits of Mind we see in this work.

Join us and help us to reimagine Teachers Teaching Teachers in a virtual space where, after introductions on the main stage, we will move to stations to continue our conversations in smaller groups at different stations.


NowComment - OBSOLETE: Chapter 1 documents/Obsolete


Comic Project Directions drive/folders/ 1oRyth6MU0Tjg0MMxo9HYpUNxhIYVx sNn?usp=sharing


Student-Created Comic Examples drive/folders/ 1PKDNXjS7fQ2HS0GSr_ TmWlUWxbg5ukL7?usp=sharing


Habits of Mind habitsofmind

We think both the content of Kevin's work and our working together in a Kumospace will inspire you and give you many new ideas about:

  • teachers as authors
  • reading and annotating graphic memoirs and novels on NowComment
  • writing and drawing graphic memoirs
  • teaching seniors
  • using virtual spaces like Kumospace to reinvigorate online learning
  • understanding and awarding Habits of Mind
  • and more!

Please plan to join the fun on this week's Teachers Teaching Teachers at on Wednesday evening, February 17th at 9E/8C/7M/6P.

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