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The Compromise of the Century: Large and Smaller States Unite

June 30th, 1787

A compromise was reached yesterday (June 29th, 1787) in Philadelphia combining the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan. This has been a major conflict for quite a while. The New Jersey Plan was debated for four days, but the larger states rejected it. The Virginia Plan was debated for two weeks.

Many believe that the compromise that has been reached is a major progression towards the unification of the States under a Federal System and has solved the problem of state representation. When it appeared that the Constitutional Convention would break up the delegates began to make compromises on important issues. The first thing that they resolved was the problem of State Representation. The smaller states were in favor of The New Jersey Plan, which was proposed by William Paterson. In many ways this plan resembled our current plan of government, The Articles of Confederation.

This plan proposed a one house national legislature with representatives selected by state legislatures. Each state will be able to cast one vote. It also proposed a supreme court appointed for life by the executive officers. The Larger states support the Virginia Plan. The Virginia Plan was proposed by Edmund Randolph. The plan favored the interest of the larger states; the smaller states feared that they would have no power. This plan proposed three separate branches of government and a bicameral legislature where representation will be based upon states population or money contributions.

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