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3. Post Your Photos

What we are asking you to make

A gallery of 5+ photos that YOU HAVE MADE to capture an important place in your community. Include a revised version of the writing you did about this place in the first activity of this playlist. Use the Gallery Block for your photos and add your revised writing to a Paragraph Block to create and compose a discussion post on Youth Voices.

Be sure to add:

  • a map with a marker on the important place that you have photographed use the Google Maps Block.
  • at least these two Categories: “Gathering data through all the senses” and “Creating, Imaging, and Innovating”
  • at least these two tags: nwpplaces and writeout


See the comments.

How to do this, step-by-step

Posting a Discussion on Youth Voices

Youth Voices is a youth-powered social network that was started in 2003 by a group of teachers from local sites of the National Writing Project. Paul Allison, a teacher-consultant at the New York City Writing Project, manages the site, and you can email him at [email protected] with any questions or problems you find at Youth Voices.

  1. Log in at Youth Voices, if you are a member, and click Create Discussion.

    Not a member? Post by clicking here

  2. Add Title – Make it a short, clever, unique, attention-grabbing title about your post.
  3. Copy your edited and proofread text from Google docs (or elsewhere) & paste it in the Paragraph block where it says Start writing or type / to choose a block.

Other blocks to consider using:
Some of these options appear to the right of the block. To see all of the options, click on the [plus] icon, which appears at the left of a block as well as in the upper left corner of the screen. (You can search for a block.)

  • Verse – Your poems will keep their line breaks and formatting.
  • Audio – Upload an mp3 to your post.
  • Custom HTML – Copy embed code from many other places and paste it in this block.
  • Image – To add an image in addition to the Featured Image (Note that you don’t want to use the same image in both an Image block and the Featured Image box.)
  • Gallery – To add many images. There are several options for how your images appear. The images show up where your block is placed.
  • VideoPress/YouTube/Vimeo – Use the URL from a YouTube or Vimeo video to embed it in your post.
  • There are many more… This is a helpful tutorial: How to Use the New WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg Tutorial) and this is a comprehensive index to blocks.
  1. IN THE RIGHT COLUMN: Click on “Post” then Open Categories. Search for
    • “Bio” or “getting started” or “journalist bio” or another category that fits your work and check the box.
    • If you want your post to go to the homepage on Youth Voices, click the category “showcase” too.
    • Add two Habits of Mind Categories: “Gathering data through all the senses” and “Creating, Imaging, and Innovating”
  2. Add your school’s tag. You have to type the whole name of your school or wait for it to pop up. Add any other words as tags if you think they will help people find your post. Also add these two tags: nwpplaces and writeout
  1. Click Set Featured Image and use a search term and find and select an image. Choose one of the three tabs:

    • Upload files (Download a Creative Commons image to your desktop, and upload it as a Featured Image.)
    • Media Library (Choose an image and insert it as a Featured Image.)
    • Instant Images ((Choose an image and insert it as a Featured Image.)

You must add a Featured Image or your post will not be published — even though it may appear published to you.

  1. In the upper right-hand corner, click on Publish > Publish (or Update).

NOTE that the Checklist strongly recommends that you have the following before you publish:

  • Between 2 and 10 categories
  • Between 2 and 10 tags
  • Featured image

YouTube Tutorials for creating discussions on Youth Voices

Reflecting on the Habits of Mind

When you finish creating a discussion post that includes 5+ images in a gallery, a description of a place that is important to you, an embedded Google map, and the appropriate tags and Categories, a summary of your post will appear as a status update on your profile’s wall. Find that update on your wall and write a reflection on how you used two or three Habits of Mind to complete this work. How is your work evidence of your ability to use these Habits of Mind?

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