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Solutions U annotations on NowComment

Step 1. SolutionsU is a site that "connects you with solutions stories about the world's challenges." Search for a story on SolutionsU that is about a problem that you think needs solving.

Step 2. Annotate on NowComment. Upload the text of the article into a NowComment document and annotate. In your annotations comment on if/where in the article – and how well – the writer:

  1. Introduces the problem. Does the writer convince you that it's serious?
  2. Presents a solution or at least a partial solution. Is it feasible, cost-effective, and/or more promising than alternative solutions?
  3. Anticipates others' objections and/or questions
  4. Establishes credibility through the use of personal experiences, hypothetical cases, facts, statistics, examples, quotes from authorities, speculations about causes or consequences, etc.

Instructions on how to upload to NowComment. To complete a NowComment annotation assignment, do the following:

Go to My Library > "title of article" > More > Properties/Access dates > edit

Add the following to the Document Information:

    • Author
    • Citation (Author last name, author first name. Title of work. Date)
    • Publication date
    • Original URL
    • Permission basis is Fair Use
    • type of document is article
    • Make the document public

Next, add your annotated article to our class collection:

Invite > "the name of your class"

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