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Notre Dame Football: Why Brian Kelly Must Continue to Coach Angry

Author: Oliver Crawford III , Correspondent for the Bleacher Report

Notre Dame Football: Why Brian Kelly Must Continue to Coach Angry

Face it the 2011 Notre Dame football season didn’t exactly meet expectations. Brian Kelly was often seen going ballistic on the sidelines with his now infamous “purple face tirades.”

But with the beginning to the season the Irish saw last season, who can blame him? The Irish were several unfortunate bounces of the ball ND’s way to a 10-win season and an almost certain BCS birth.

The loss to South Florida was downright embarrassing for the Irish faithful, particularly since Notre Dame out-gained their opponent by 300 yards, however they turned the ball over five times. The love affair ended very quickly with Dayne Crist who was pulled in favor of Tommy “Turnover” Rees.

All the team needed was a QB. Look at players like Michael Floyd, Cierre Wood, Tyler Eifrert, Jonas Gray and the O-line.

Rees made the same mistakes over and over and it was extremely frustrating seeing his untimely fumbles and interceptions. When he took one step forward, he took three backwards and showed zero development as the season progressed.

This would drive any coach crazy, particularly one that has hung his hat on the offensive side of the football throughout his career.

Kelly had to alter his temper several times a year ago and he acknowledged that. Bashing recruits and current players of the former coaching regime is a bonehead decision by the head coach, and he apologized for that.

However, what the institution shouldn’t do is have him change his ways and what has brought him success thus far in his coaching career. Football is a tough game, both mentally and physically.

The mental aspect is one of the more important factors of the game, and if you can’t take yelling from the coach who is trying to make you reach your potential you are playing the wrong sport. Football teaches you about life, there is no such thing as a boss or superior in the work place hindering and catering to your “feelings”.

Yes, some of the players are 18 years old. If you are old enough to fight for your country, you are old enough to be reamed out by a football coach. Just think of Brian Kelly as a more friendly drill sergeant.

The fact of the matter is he is simply trying to get the best out of his players, and they must respond. Now what he needs to do is hinder that to the personalities of his players a bit better. For example, T.J Jones doesn’t seem to respond well to yelling, and after a year he had last season, perhaps he didn’t deserve it either.

Kelly can flat out coach, and what has hindered him as been horrid play at the QB position. Are you telling me that with a solid quarterback under center a year ago the Irish aren’t in a BCS bowl?

No chance.

All football coaches yell at their players, that is a fact (granted some more than others). Kelly’s mistake was that he had to realize he isn’t coaching at Cincinnati anymore.

Alll of the games are on NBC and the camera is focused on the man in charge, particularly when things aren’t going ND’s way.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Could Hendrix be the starter in 2012?

If this really was a problem don’t you think players wouldn’t want to come to Notre Dame?

Don’t tell me about the de-commits from a year ago, Ronald Darby didn’t have his heart in South Bend the whole time, that was pretty clear.

Deontay Greenberry’s change of heart likely had more to do with the realization that his cousin, Tee Shepard wouldn’t be in South Bend due to medical issues.

As for Taylor Decker, it really wasn’t that surprising for an Ohio kid wanting to stay close to home and play for the Buckeyes, particularly when his main recruiters Ed Warriner, and Tim Hinton joined the staff.

If Kelly’s coaching style was such a problem, then this would hinder his ability to recruit in the future. Instead the 2013 class is currently a top 10 class according to

This haul includes a whopping eight 4-star players. These players have bought in to Kelly’s coaching style and yes his tendency to be fiery.

This will not hurt the program.

The program will find itself in more trouble, if they try to change the way the head man wants to operate things.

Luckily for ND that likely won’t happen, and the current roster along with the 2013 class will have the opportunity to put ND back on top in years to come. And yes Irish fans, that means more yelling on the sidelines as well.

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