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Medea Discussion

In a post of 300-400 words and in THREE separate paragraphs, answer the following questions about the play Medea. Be sure that you answer questions assigned to YOUR LAST NAME’S FIRST INITIAL. This will help keep the discussion varied and interesting!

In addition to your answers, your initial post needs to include three things: (1) An original question written by you about the topic(s) you decided to write about, (2) two direct quotes from the play that support your answers with in-text citations (using APA format), and (3) a reference for the play (using APAformat).

When it’s time for you to respond to your peers next week, you’re going to be expected to be able to discuss answers to all of these questions, so it’s important to be very familiar with all the works!

Your first TWO paragraphs should answer one of the following questions about Medea assigned your half of the alphabet by last name.

A-F Choose Two:
*What background facts do we learn from the Nurse’s opening speech? For example, why does she fear for Medea’s children? Why does she say she prefers not to be great?
*According to the Chorus, which sex is cruel and deceitful toward the other? Why have poets said otherwise?
*Who swears to help Medea IF she comes safely to his land? (Why would this part get special attention from the play’s original audience?)
*What terrible plan does Medea reveal to the Chorus? Why will she do it?
*According to the Chorus, the childless are more fortunate than those who have children. Why?
*What satisfaction does Medea find in her horrible deed? (See l. 1337.)
*Discuss how the Greeks view fate and explain its function in this play.
*Does Medea fit the definition of a tragic hero?
*Prove that Medea, while she is a witch, is not insane. If she were simply a person who kills her children because she hears voices, why would this not be a tragic drama?

G-Z Choose Two:
*Whom do the members of the Chorus represent? *What promise does Medea ask for and receive from the Chorus? How is Medea’s situation worse than it would be if she were a native of the city?
*Whom does Jason blame for Medea’s sorrow? *What has Medea done for Jason? What justifications does Jason offer for his actions?
*What does the Chorus say about what makes love desirable or not desirable?
*What struggle occurs in Medea in ll. 1035-1042?
*Why is Jason’s speech in ll. 1268-1280 ironic?
*How does the play end? Does this suggest that the gods approve of Medea’s actions?

Your third paragraph should do the following:

Compare and contrast the character of Medea with another character from the readings so far in this class. Your paragraph should give both similarities and differences of the two characters.

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