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Essay writing: Commenting on Dalai Lama's quote about compassion

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“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness (Guidelines HERE)

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Nov 1
Maria Piedade Carvalho Silva (Nov 01 2022 7:40AM) : Tutorial to add your text [Edited] more

On the right hand side, where you see “General Document Comments” press the + bubble to the right and then:
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Nov 18
Sevgi Altun Dilek (Nov 18 2022 12:43AM) : Aysel Selahattin Erkasap Social Sciences High School's Essay more

In this saying, Dalai Lama argued that the most important factor in achieving happiness is to show mercy. He also mentioned that people should be merciful for their own happiness.Beginning his spiritual leadership at the age of 15 played an important role in his becoming a compassionate individual.In his later years, he tried to follow a peaceful policy even in a war environment, and the peaceful activities he carried out around India proves that he is a truly compassionate individual. He also protected lots of emigrants from Tibet as an act of compassion.

In my view, this saying means to treat merciful to the people around me. In this way, we could feel decent too. Because we would be aware of what we do. I have seen a cat fallen in a puddle. I called the fire department to help the cat. Consequently, cat and me, both of us were happy.

I agree that saying. I have a dog and when I treat him mercifully, we are both happy. The more I treat my friends and family mercifully, the more they get happy. Treating people is another way to get healthier relationships with them.

One of the 18 rules according to the dalai lama, respect yourself, respect others, take responsibility for your every action, is ultimately proof that the dalai lama is to spread compassion to the world.The Dalai Lama’s views followed a peaceful and non-violent policy beyond all worldly and everyday issues.In our opinion, what the Dalai Lama says is one of the most important views of compassion in the world.

Aysel Selahatt,n Erkasap Social Sciences High School Task eTwinning Project Team-Kütahya-Turkey- Teacher: Sevgi Altun Dilek)

Nov 22
Fátima Araújo (Nov 22 2022 4:46PM) : Agrupamento de Escolas Cego do Maio's essay more

Dalai Lama’s quote means that if you either want to make other people happy you should practice compassion towards them and if you want to be happy you should also practice compassion but this time towards yourself.

In my experience, an act of compassion that someone did to me to make me happy was helping me carry my backpack and my books when I broke my foot, and to make myself happy by practicing volunteering work and helping others study whenever I can.

I agree with this statement because it made me smile seeing that other people cared for me and were concerned about my well-being, and it makes me happy seeing that my actions have good consequences on others and I feel good about myself knowing that.

This quote means a lot to me because I can relate to it a lot and I hope that I can still relate to it in the future.

Fátima Araújo
“Commenting Dalai Lama’s quote about compassion”
EB2,3 Cego do Maio School
Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
Under the supervision of teacher: Ana Ribeiro

Nov 23
Silvia Munteanu (Nov 23 2022 12:37AM) : Sabina N., Class 7B, Colegiul National Pedagogic 'D.P.Perpessicius', Braila, Romania, Teacher: Munteanu Silvia more

In my opinion, Dalai Lama’s quote suggests that people can practise compassion to others, but they can also practice self-compassion. By practicing compassion to us or others, we can improve our well-being and start having a constantly positive outlook towards our problems and stress factors.
For example, one of my experiences when I used compassion towards others was when I donated my old toys that I didn’t play anymore with to a charity association which gave them to children in need. My heart goes out to people who can’t financially afford buying things some of us might consider “must haves”, which is the mainly reason I had a desire to help those children by adding some joy to their childhood. Therefore, I totally agree with Dalai Lama’s statement.
To summarize, if you can brighten up someone’s day, you can brighten up yours too simply by setting up a positive mindset towards yourself as well as your mistakes and stop your inner-critic humiliating and shaming you as a motivation to be perfect. Instead, practice inner-guidance, which is mostly based on self-compassion and self-love. It helps you boost your self-esteem and confidence by focusing on the positive side of the problem.

Nov 23
Silvia Munteanu (Nov 23 2022 12:39AM) : Madalina S, Class XC, Colegiul National PWdagogic 'D.P.Perpessicius", Braila, Romania, Teacher: Munteanu Silvia more

In Tibet, the 14th Dalai Lama is a revered and honoured figure. His title means that he is the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism. Dalai Lama is known throughout the world for his wisdom. He is a teacher and the author of “The Art of Happiness,” in which he discusses the belief that there is fundamental goodness in all people and that the most important values are: compassion and kindness. Compassion is a topic that he frequently mentions and is even referred to as “a living Buddha of compassion.” In his book, he states: "If you want others to be happy, practise compassion. If you want to be happy, practise compassion.“ The quote shows that practising compassion not only helps those that are dealing with a problem by making them feel seen and heard but also helps you by demonstrating how much of a beautiful impact you can have on others.
The quote, in my opinion, is meant to unite people. For instance, if a person you don’t usually talk to is obviously acting strangely and down, your intervention can have a significant impact. Someone’s support, even a stranger’s, can give them hope and comfort. Aside from being there for people in need, something that can be life-saving in some cases, being compassionate improves your well-being too, by knowing that you made someone’s day better and that you may receive the same treatment in the future.
Personally, I agree with the quote’s message. If I am disappointed in myself, the best thing that someone close to me can do is try to reassure me, and if I notice a person that I know is upset, I immediately comfort them. Seeing them brighten up brings me joy, too.
In summary, Dalai Lama’s quote is a way to encourage people to be more understanding and kinder. If everyone at least showed compassion to one another, the world would change for the better. As he also stated in his work, "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. "

Nov 23
Silvia Munteanu (Nov 23 2022 12:41AM) : Nicoleta F., Class 10C, Colegiul National Pedagogic 'D.P.Perpessicius", Braila, Romania, Teacher: Munteanu Silvia more

In my opinion, the quote “If you want others to be happy, practise compassion. If you want to be happy, practise compassion.” from the book “The Art of Happiness” by the 14th Dalai Lama means that if I offer compassion to someone, I also offer it to myself because by giving advice to someone, I actually learn something from it. If I give compassion, I receive compassion.
The point of the quote is that compassion is the basis of happiness. For example, my best friend, Maria, went through a difficult time. Her parents quarreled and divorced. It wasn’t easy for her so she isolated herself in her room. She spoke to absolutely no one, not even her parents. One day I decided to surprise her and go to her house. I bought her, her favourite sweets and watched her favourite movie. She was delighted. Then we discussed her problem and I tried listening carefully and give her the right advice. She was glad for my visit and she promised me it would be better.
I agree with the Dalai Lama’s quote. I was happy when I received compassion from someone when I needed support. For example, I am involved in many activities at school or outside and I have other responsibilities to help my parents or neighbors. Once I was so tired that I gave in and didn’t want to do anything at all, but my friend supported me and gave me more confidence in myself and I got a hug which was what I needed. I felt happy that someone understands me and lifts me up when I feel like I have no strength left and that’s why this quote gave me a lot to think about and made me understand how important people are in our lives and love on which we receive.
In conclusion, compassion is a human feeling that turns from a state of misery into a state of happiness.

Nov 23
Silvia Munteanu (Nov 23 2022 12:42AM) : Maria B., Class 7B, Colegiul National Pedagogic 'D.P.Perpessicius", Braila, Romania, Teacher: Munteanu Silvia more

The quote means that, by offering compassion, we will make others happy, but, more than that, we will also be fulfilled. For me, compassion played a very important role in my life three years ago, when I had facial paralysis due to a shock. It was very difficult, because I didn’t think I would be able to recover. But some people, whom I did not expect to ever help me, were by my side and offered me compassion through guidance, good advice and encouragement. By receiving compassion, I gained confidence and managed to get well after a few months. In conclusion, compassion represents the desire to be helpful, so, by offering it, we will receive it, but we, in turn, will also be happy.

Nov 23
Silvia Munteanu (Nov 23 2022 12:44AM) : Andra L., Class XIIC, Colegiul National Pedagogic 'D.P.Perpessicius", Braila, Romania, teacher: Munteanu Silvia more

Being happy is the primary goal in everyone’s life. Whether happiness comes from money, family, sports, music or others, one thing is certain: nobody ever wished to live an unhappy life.
Dalai Lama, a Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader, spilled the secret to living a fulfilled life: compassion. Being a peace advocate, Lama considers that “if you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”
For instance, I once had a classmate who was always unhappy and mad at the world. He transformed every minor inconvenience into a tragedy and thought his problems were worse than everyone else’s. One day, we participated in a conference with a writer who was a former drug addict and had many health issues because of it. The writer talked about his friends who passed away due to addiction and his experiences in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. My classmate learned about compassion that day. He understood that there are people who struggle way more than him. He felt concern for the suffering of those who fell into this kind of trap. The way he handled his problems changed and, overall, he became a more positive person.
Therefore, I agree with Dalai Lama. Being compassionate makes you more open minded and tolerant, but also helps you face problems differently.
In conclusion, compassion is the key to a happy life: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

Nov 23
Silvia Munteanu (Nov 23 2022 12:45AM) : Roxana M., Class XIIC, Colegiul National Pedagogic 'D.P.Perpessicius", Braila, Romania, teacher: Munteanu Silvia more

Compassion is essential, and happiness can only come from there.Our happiness is not based on the things we have that make us happy.Rather, the true definition of happiness comes from doing good deeds for others.
Compassion is a different kind of feeling than just offering assistance to others.In addition to providing assistance to those in need, it will strengthen your relationship with them.Try to use some of the good you get to help other people.Your inner peace will be restored if you assist the needy!
Nevertheless, it is essential to comprehend that compassion can be learned as well as innate. Compassion is definitely a trait that comes from within, but it is also something that can be developed. Compassion makes us feel better and helps us do even better!

Nov 23
Stamatia Sezenia (Nov 23 2022 2:03PM) : The 4th High school of Chios comments on Dalai Lama's quote more

To us this quote means that by showing kindness to others, both them and us become happier and the world becomes a better place for everyone. When we are not in a good mood, we cheer each other up and try to make each other as happy as we can. We all agree with the quote since bringing happiness to others brings happiness to us too. When we help each other, we get a feeling of satisfaction and warmness so both the person who helps and the person who gets helped are happy.
It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations
Iliana Tzesouri, Nikoleta Tsimpouka, Chrisostomos Chatzilambrou
The 4 High school of Chios
Under the supervision of Stamatia Sezenia

Nov 23
Stamatia Sezenia (Nov 23 2022 2:06PM) : The 4th High school of Chios/ Essay more

For me, this quote means, that if we want others to be happy and of course if we want to be happy, we must practice compassion , including kindness and politeness .
For example, sometimes I am sad, but my friends with their compassion almost always they have success on cheering me up. Another example is, that my parents have donated money to charities, because they have compassion and offer to help people in need. This is what it means.
In my opinion this quote is very correct and I agree to what it is said, because without compassion the people will not donate in charities, like my parents and they will not be supportive like my frineds. The world will be a sad place, fool of arrogant and selfish people!
My message to everyone is: Whatever you do, do it with positivity and never stop practicing your compassion and to be a better person
The 4th High school of Chios
Author: Dimitris Linas
Supervisor: Stamatia Sezenia

Nov 25
prof. Fearn Lesley June Fearn (Nov 25 2022 3:46AM) : Dalai Lama more

Dalai Lama is a teacher, a spiritual guide for the Buddhists. He is the highest and theocratic authority of Tibet. We will speak about his quote: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”.
This quote means that if you want to be happy and feel good about yourself, you have to feel bad with the people who suffer. It is true to us because if you are compassionate to people you will have a better life. For example, if your best friend has a family problem you will be there for her.
Our opinion on the Dalai Lama’s work is that we all should enjoy life with kindness, respect, compassion and happiness, like we do every day!

Nov 25
Ms Antony Antonia (Nov 25 2022 3:53AM) : The Dalai Lama more

The Dalai Lama is a master of spiritual guide for the Buddhists, is the highest theocratic authority in Tibet. We will speak about what Dalai Lama thinks about compassion.
Firstly, Buddha was a prince looking for happiness where to live in. He goes away for 15 years because he wants to know how to be happy.
Secondly, at the end he comes to a conclusion: the man can be happy if he succeeds to eliminate the wishes. Some teachings spiritual: the happiness of one person is the happiness of world, the happiness is not something of already ready, it comes of from our actions. We don’t need more money, success, perfect body, perfect companion, at this moment , our mind is all what we need for the complete happiness. The main scope of life is to help the others and don’t hurt them. If you want others to be happy, practice the compassion, if you want to be happy practice the compassion.

Nov 25
mr s e (Nov 25 2022 4:04AM) : THE DALAI LAMA
Nov 25
mr s e (Nov 25 2022 4:05AM) : THE DALAI LAMA more



The Dalai Lama is the union of the Tibetan words “Dalai”, which means “ocean” and the word “Lama”, which means “master”. He’s the most important person in the Buddhism religion. We will speak about his quote that talks about happiness and compassion.


Firstly, we have to talk about compassion and kindness.
Compassion is “experiencing feelings of loving kindness toward another person’s affliction.” It’s related to, but a little different from empathy, which we can define as “feeling with someone, that is, sharing the other person’s emotion.” We can consider compassion as the key to coping. The compassionate tend to have deeper connections with others and more friends. They are more forgiving and have a stronger sense of life purpose. Many studies have shown these results.
Compassion also has direct personal benefit. The compassionate tend to be happier, healthier, more self-confident, less self-critical, and more resilient.
Instead, the dictionaries usually defines kindness as “The quality of being kind.” it can feel a bit disappointing because it doesn’t seem to do the word “kindness” justice.
Perhaps partly due to its brevity, the above kindness definition fails to convey kindness’ immensity. In addition, it creates the follow-up question of “well, then, what is the definition of kind?”
Another Way To Define Kindness
It isn’t easy to define something as significant as kindness, so it’s understandable different people may define kindness in different ways.
Here’s one way to define kindness:
Kindness is the sincere and voluntary use of one’s time, talent, and resources to better the lives of others, one’s own life, and the world through genuine acts of love, compassion, generosity, and service.
Secondly, we want to say our idea about this quote
“For me is a right thing because in my life, I had difficulties and my friends and my family helped me, so practise compassion”
“I think the Dalai lama Said a good thing, why shouldn’t you be compassionate? We have to help everyone who is in difficulty because they can help me too”
“This quote for me is true because if you practise compassion, you can understand what he or she is feeling.”

Nov 25
ms m m (Nov 25 2022 4:09AM) : dalai lama more

Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama is a spiritual guide for Buddhists, a teacher. He gave spiritual teachings: one person’s happiness is the happiness of the whole world, happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from our actions. The main purpose of life is to help others and not to harm them. We will explain the Dalai Lama’s quote if you want others to be happy, practice compassion, if you want to be happy, practice compassion”. it means that we have to suffer together with people who need help, as they do with us, so we can all be completely happy

The Dalai Lama’s quote
it means that we have to suffer together with people who need help, as they do with us, so we can all be completely happy.

Personal opinion
We think that we need to help each other especially with family and friends.

Nov 26
Claudia Bartha (Nov 26 2022 11:48AM) : Rebeca, Dumitru Tautan High School, Floresti Romania Teacher :Bartha Claudia [Edited] more

To start with I would like to say that any kind of feeling makes us more humane, compassion is one of them.
We live in a world lacking in compassion. The sad reality of humanity is that the vast majority of people ignore the suffering of others. Many prefer not to see others’ suffering . Witnessing the suffering of another person can provoke fear or sadness . Too often, people are careless.

We often learn compassion only after we have suffered ourselves perhaps experiencing sickness, accident, illness, death of a loved one, , bad luck….
But what we have to remember is that without it, we would descend into a state of darkness.
The Dalai Lama stated it best: “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”

As a conclusion I would say that that humankind needs compassion. It is my view that compassion must be learned.

Nov 26
Claudia Bartha (Nov 26 2022 11:57AM) : Rebeca, Dumitru Tautan High School, Floresti , Romania Teacher : Claudia Bartha [Edited] more

In my opinion this quote said by Dalai Lama has a great meaning to it. Most just see compassion as another word in this world, when it’s so much more than that. Compassion bring people together, makes the world a better place, and most importantly allows you to connect with others. Compassion is necessary to the human experience because it keep the world emotionally connected.

With compassion, people come closer together. Compassion provides love and without this emotion, humans would be isolated from one another. Love would not be considered love without compassion. It distinguishes a human from being heartless to one who cares for people other than themselves. Being compassionate leads a person away from a path of selfishness and builds strong relationships with others. The following authors did a great job of demonstrating this.

Nov 27
Prof. MariaTeresa Rughi (Nov 27 2022 9:31AM) : IIS CASSATA-GATTAPONE- GUBBIO - ITALY more

In my opinion the quote means that true happiness lies in helping others, their happiness will make you happy too.
I once had to help a man who had lost his keys. So I took them to the police, and the next day he called me and was very happy.

I fully agree with the quote because, this man has given me a lot of happiness and I think this is the most important reward.
be kind and compassionate to everyone and you will have a life without regrets or remorse.

Simone Luchetti. 2C/I2 Cassata- Gattapone- Gubbio- Italy

Nov 27
Maria Mendes (Nov 27 2022 10:34AM) : EB 2/3 Cego do Maio [Edited] more

This quote is very meaningful. It states that you can be happy by practicing compassion and making others happy, too. It also means that an essential step to being happy is also making others happy..
For example, one time I was very anxious and sad, but my friend listened to me and helped me overcome it. When she was anxious I did the same for her.
I definitely agree with this quote because when I helped her, she felt better and I felt happy to be helpful, and I’m sure she felt the same when the roles were reversed.
After all, we can’t be happy without making others happy too, and your actions will inspire them to follow your example.

Nov 27
Student Isabel Sá (Nov 27 2022 1:30PM) : AE Cego do Maio more
This quote means that to have compassion you benefit not only yourself with happiness, but also the people who are around you, which makes the world a better place for everyone. Some years ago I volunteered on a project, where I donated my hair to an institution that takes care of people with cancer and, the most interesting is that I went to deliver my hair to the place. They use the hair to produce wigs. I fully agree with this quote It’s hard to explain the feeling of joy that I felt when delivering my hair at the institution and the sensation of gratitude and joy that I received from the people who received it. If you want to have happiness and distribute it, practice compassion.

Isabel R. G. de Sá
Escola AE Cego do Maio
Póvoa de Varzim/Portugal
Under the supervision of teacher Ana Ribeiro

Nov 27
Miguel Pedrosa (Nov 27 2022 2:20PM) : AE Cego do Maio more

This quote means that if you want others to be happy, you should show compassion to them, and if I want to be happy, I should be compassionate with myself. Besides, If I show compassion to someone I will feel realized.
For example, there was a time when an online friend was going through a tough time in life related to the divorce of his parents. Me and a few other people just sat listening to him and thinking about that right now, I think we really showed compassion to him and thanks to that he became more optimistic.
I agree with this quote because that’s really what it is. If you show compassion to others they should consequently feel happier as shown in the example above.
In my own words this quote would be “If you want someone to be happy you should show compassion to them, including yourself.”

Miguel Pedrosa
School AE Cego do Maio
Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
Under the supervision of teacher Ana Ribeiro

Nov 28
sir Cloe Gonçalves (Nov 28 2022 1:48PM) : Agrupamento de Escolas Cego do Maio's essay more

To me, Dalai Lama’s quote means that practicing compassion makes others happy but it can make you happy too, whether it’s towards others or yourself. Being kind makes everyone happy.
In my personal experience, whenever someone gives me a hug when I’m feeling sad, even if they just did it without thinking, it makes me feel way better and I’m really thankful for everyone who has helped me and promise to be there for them, too.
I definitely agree with this statement, because seeing others smile makes me feel good too, especially knowing I contributed to the happy look on their face. Of course, when I genuinely smile, I also feel good.
I really like this quote and think It’s important and that if everyone practiced a bit of compassion in life, the world would be way better.
Have a great day!

Nov 28
Inês Silva (Nov 28 2022 2:03PM) : AE Cego Do Maio more

This quote means to me that practicing compassion is an act that makes us happy and
also makes others happy.
An example of this phrase that happened to me was when I was in line at Mac
Donalds and there was a homeless person asking for food. My family and I ordered
food for him and then we gave it to him. He was very happy, and seeing his happiness
made me even happier.
I agree with this quote as it explains the meaning of life. For me, it makes no sense to
live without having compassion and without helping those in need.

Inês Silva
EB2,3 Cego Do Maio
Póvoa De Varzim, Portugal
Under the supervision of teacher: Ana Ribeiro

Nov 28
Ana Teresa (Nov 28 2022 4:41PM) : Agrupamento de Escolas Cego do Maios essay more
For me this quote means, like if others are happy you are happy, too. If I make somebody feel happy, or even feel good about themselves, that makes my day, makes me feel like I was important and that I made some difference in the person’s life. So, last week, I helped a friend who wanted to commit suicide. For me, first I felt that I was important for my friend and that made me feel so happy, secondly, helping others is really important.

I agree with Dalai Lama’s quote, Practicing compassion is so important these days, because you can help a friend, a colleague, even a stranger, that needs to be listened to or that needs some help.

At the end of it all, Dalai Lama is trying to say that, if you help another person, both are going to be happy, because this is what compassion is about.
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