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C2- SATS Ltd : Gearing For Growth

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C2- SATS Ltd : Gearing For Growth

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DMU Timestamp: January 18, 2023 05:00

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Jan 23
ASHI REBECCA CAMPBELL (Jan 23 2023 3:19AM) : Consequences of environment- more

Green house gas emission
Climate Change

Jan 23
SOURAV ANAND (Jan 23 2023 3:21AM) : Political factors also include global trade tensions amid increasing populism and protectionism
Jan 23
Mr. Abhishek Walter Paul (Jan 23 2023 3:33AM) : SATS main capability is their temperature sensitive cargo handling facility
Jan 23
Saurabh Purty (Jan 23 2023 4:02AM) : I would choose Japan more

A significant share of Japan’s imports are perishable goods like fish, produce, fruits, and dairy goods. These products required cold chain logistics, which is SATS’s USP, due to their short shelf lives. The reason, growing in Japan presents a better opportunity.

Jan 23
Kommanapalli Madhu Venkata Sai Durgaprasad (Jan 23 2023 4:09AM) : China should be chosen instead of Japan more

Japanese though has more scope of growth or first mover advantage in temperature controlled storage facilities, China has advantage in all the other attributes such as higher availability of investments, increased demand of e-commerce etc,.

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