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Humayra's Logs July 24 - July 31

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Jul-26-23 July 25
Jul-26-23 July 26
Jul-27-23 July 27

I am so stressed by these 2 summer classes I'm taking. I really hate both of these classes. I enjoy the content but the work that needs to be done is soo much. One of my professors overlaps their work which I feel is unecessary. I'm just counting down the days until it's finally over. I'm sure I have 4 class each left to attend so hopefully it goes by quick. I hate that there's a lot of paper work to do for the classes too. I can't wait to be stress free in the upcoming weeks.

DMU Timestamp: July 25, 2023 14:23

Added July 26, 2023 at 9:38pm by Humayra Islam
Title: July 25

Recently my little brother and I have been watching tv together and I feel like it's a nice way to relax and calm down. However, I feel so anxious and unaccomplished because I feel like I could be using that time for my classes and homework or even work. I'm already spending over twelve hours obline and my eyes hurt and feel strained but I still feel guilty. I know it's because it's the summer courses doing to me since it's only 3-4 weeks. I hope fall semester is so much better since it's stretched out.

DMU Timestamp: July 25, 2023 14:23

Added July 26, 2023 at 9:41pm by Humayra Islam
Title: July 26

I think this was the first least stressful day I've had in a long time. I had social studies class which was mostly group work and reading. I really liked today's lesson. We also had a 45 minute break which was very necessary. I got my science essay done and I hope I recieve a good grade for it because I worked hard. I haven't started my 10 page social studies paper yet but I think I'll start it in the weekend. Today was good and class ended early.

DMU Timestamp: July 25, 2023 14:23

Added July 27, 2023 at 9:21pm by Humayra Islam
Title: July 27

Today's science class was short and fun. We did a lesson on surface tension where we used a water dropper to drop water on a penny and try not to break the surface tension. Our professor told us the highest amount of drops a Lehman student has gotten was 114. I tried today and I got up to 128! Which was cool and beat the record but there was another person in my class who went even higher and got 132 which is crazy. I think it was a very informative lesson to replicate and teach to elementary students because it uses their critical thinking skills to do this lesson.

DMU Timestamp: July 27, 2023 22:18

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