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Dear Ms. Zanzano,

This summer, I participated in a professional learning experience with LUTE-STEM at Lehman College. I learned a lot about problem based learning, Habits of Mind, United Nations Sustainable Development Goods (SDGs), and working with AI features.

There was a lot to think about and to consider how to apply in the classroom, and in this letter I’d like to focus on the theme around “zero hunger” because millions of people, especially children, do not have enough to eat and are impacted by malnutrition from lack of food source as well as poverty. I think it is necessary to discuss with students about being mindful of what we have and how we can help others. I have built a collection of article resources that dive deeper into the question of “What are the causes and effects of people facing hunger?”

I would like to propose that we do a read aloud in the classroom where students can read a book about food insecurity. A book I have in mind is “Lulu and the Hunger Monster” by Erik Talkin which is about childhood hunger and how kids can help find solutions to tackle the Hunger Monster. After this read aloud, students can engage in a discussion of food pantries and food drives to help those that are in need. Students can also draw what they have learned and share with the rest of the class and school.

To do this we will need the book “Lulu and the Hunger Monster”, videos, canned foods (as an example), paper, crayons, markers, and pencils.

The students will be making a drawing depicting their view on food insecurity and what can be done to help people that are facing hunger.

Here’s how I think we might introduce this activity. We could give these directions to the students:
First, read aloud of the book and having an engaging discussion about the problems of food insecurity. Next, students can watch videos about the problems of food insecurity on children. Then, students can be shown examples as possible solutions to how they can help out (canned foods=food drives). Lastly, students can draw what they feel and what they have learned to share with their whole community.

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I would also propose that the students give each other feedback on their work. They could use this checklist to self-assess and to give each other feedback:

I would also propose that the students give each other feedback on their work. They could use this checklist to self-assess and to give each other feedback:

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    I can ... describe what the student is expected to be able to do at each step.

This activity should take at least an hour to complete, which should allow time for productive struggle.

When they have finished this activity, it would be great if we could ask the students to write and talk about how they used one of these Habits of Mind.

I will also use these Habits of Mind to give the students both written and oral feedback while they are working and once they finish their work!

Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal. I hope you see how valuable this activity could be for our students. Please let me know if you have any revisions that I might consider for this activity. I look forward to working with you on this.

Your Partner in Education,


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