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Noa Tishby's Speech at the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces on October 17. 2023 in NYC

Author: Noa Tishby

“Noa Tishby Speech | FIDF on Oct 17 in NYC.” Performance by Noa Tishby, YouTube, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, 17 Oct. 2023, Accessed 2 Nov. 2023.

“This is the most challenging speech I’ve ever delivered, but it’s time the world wakes up to what the Jewish community has been saying all along,” the actress wrote under the video of her speech at the FIDF conference.

The actress said from the podium: “Tonight, we come together and we mourn. We mourn the babies, the toddlers, the men, women and children, and the IDF soldiers slaughtered in the worst act of mass murder against our people since the Holocaust. But we do more than mourn. We hold our heads high, we stand together and we promise — we will defeat this evil. Yes, we are in shock, we are. But we should also not be surprised. What we have experienced on and since October 7 was, sadly, predictable. We warned against it.

There were two elements coming together in the horrific perfect storm of October 7. The first is the danger of radical Islam, or, more accurately, the radical Islamic nazism that is constantly lurking at Israel’s border. The second is the grooming, the ongoing grooming of Western civilization through universities, the media, and social media, so when the time came and the Islamic Nazis carried out the act of genocide, many in the West would celebrate it, justify it, and no longer tell the difference between good and evil.

We warned you. We warned of what “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free” looks like. We warned you of the dangers of that slogan being used for likes, shares and celebrity virtue signaling on TikTok and Instagram. On October 7, Hamas showed us what “from the river to the sea” really means. It means “itbach al Yahud” – “slaughter the Jews.”

In the last week, in Western cities and universities around the world we see the two chant side by side at gatherings where would be murderers rub shoulders with their Western useful idiots. Western progressives have been played. You have been played. Some got a wake up call but others have been so brainwashed, so brainwashed to dehumanize, vilify, and demonize Israelis. That for now, they are too far gone.

Now nothing’s new under the Sun. We’ve seen it for over three and a half thousand years of Jewish “lived experience”. It’s the generational trauma that we carry in our bones. That is our “Jewish privilege.” We warned that this disproportionate obsession with Israel, with dehumanization of Israelis, the “Zionists”, the IDF was nothing but the oldest hatred with new words. We warned where it would lead, and we are devastated to be proven right.

This demonization of Israel is not “progressive”, it’s not peaceful and it sure as heck won’t free Palestine. It is a modern-day blood libel calculated to incite, pave the way for, and then justify — a genocide.

Israel is one of the greatest stories ever told and its vilification is one of the greatest smear campaigns in the history of the world. This evil, this radical Islamic Nazism lurking on our borders has been waiting for the chance to exterminate our Jewish democratic nation-state. It looked the future in the eye, it saw a possibility of Israel at peace with the region, and it didn’t embrace it. It set out to exterminate it before it was even born.

But we have news for you: when we say Never Again, we mean it. When you tell us you want to kill us, we believe you. And when you set out to do it in the most horrific of ways, we will defeat you.

To the Palestinian people and all the nations we reach out a hand as good neighbors, but we need you to help us defeat this evil because, whether we call it Hamas, ISIS, the Taliban, or Hezbollah, that evil that sets out to destroy us will destroy you, too. We know that you understand it. You understand it better than the so-called activists on your campuses or the social media keyboard warriors on our Twitter feeds. And now is the time to act!

To Western universities and the progressive circles in which this massacre was celebrated, justified, or minimized — hang your heads. Stop telling yourselves and everybody else that you need to do the work, and do some work yourselves. Your unconscious biases against the Jewish people are showing, and your sleepwalking down the path paved by millennia of Jew-hatred.

Your BDS is a friendly face of a criminal enterprise and it’s time to go after it. It’s time that law-enforcements realize that your movement is inciting murder. Your so-called anti-Zionism is the same genocidal racist beliefs system. Anti-Zionism is antisemitism!

And when you find yourselves arguing over just how many babies were murdered, beheaded or burned because these babies were Jewish, ask yourselves why your Jewish quarters are empty. What happened in kibbutz Be’Eri, kibbutz Nir Oz, and the Supernova music festival was so sadistic, so barbaric and brutal that the word “terrorism” is too good to describe it.

But if you cannot even call it that, if you hide behind words like “militants”, “oh, it’s complicated”, “occupation”, “resistance” or “decolonization”, if you cannot uninevocally condemn rape, beheading, or torture of the innocent, and the kidnapping of grandmothers, some Holocaust survivors from their sick beds, that you are witless pawns of the propaganda machine you don’t even know you are being played by.

Today I am also going to practice some gratitude, moda ani. I am grateful that we, the Jewish people, have a strong state defending us, defended by a citizen army as ethical as any other force in history. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the families of Israelis and Americans held hostage by Hamas terrorists and demand they return the hostages now! Bring them home!

Above all I am grateful that for the generations to come, the Jewish people will still live, love, and thrive and reach out a hand to the world. And Hamas will be nothing but a footnote in history, just like those who tried to exterminate us before.

Am Yisrael Chai!” the actress summed up her emotional speech.

Noa Tishby is an Israeli actress, producer, model and singer, born in Tel Aviv in 1975. Noa received recognition at the age of 16, when she first loudly announced herself by playing the leading role in the popular musical “King David.” Tishby successfully combined her modeling and acting career and released an English-language album. In the early 2000s, she moved to Los Angeles, where she starred in many films (The Island; Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) and TV series (Charmed; Star Trek:Enterprise; CSI:Miami; Nip/Tuck).

Since 2011, Tishby has become an active advocate for Israel, founding the online pro-Israel advocacy organization Act for Israel that same year. She also created a group to help correct misinformation about the history, culture and policies of the Israeli government. In April 2021, Tishby released the book “Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth,” in which she takes a pro-Israel stance and criticizes the anti-Semitic BDS movement, whose name stands for “boycott, divestment, sanctions.”

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