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Rita Dove Commencement Address Analysis

Through Rita Dov’s uses of wishes rather than advice as well as thoughtful anecdotes she gives an encouraging commencement address that looks forward to students seizing the opportunities of the world.

By imparting general “wishes” on the graduating class Rita Dove conveys her message with a more friendly, less official tone. This makes the students more likely to accept and contemplate Dove’s own comments due to this amiable nature. Further, by acknowledging that she can’t be specific for each person but still trying to impart good ideas Dove gains a deeper connection with the audience.

Second, through Dove's thoughtful and relevant anecdotes she holds the attention of the audience. By quoting famous people and using vivid imagery Dove further develops a connection with the audience. This in turn makes it even more likely that they will take her “wishes” to heart.

By appealing to the audience with wishes and interesting anecdotes Rita Dove develops a connection, making the audience more likely to engage with her ideas.

DMU Timestamp: January 05, 2024 21:56

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