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yellow stone climate change

Climate change is the issue discussed in my topic, specifically how it relates to yellow stone national park. I don't know if I know too much about this topic in that specific area, but it can be assumed that climate change is affecting yellow stone national park. I also do believe that yellow stone has had less snow this past year. I actually don't know if I heard that or just assumed that given how much snow has fallen in the areas around yellowstone in this past year. I don't think I can speak to a solution to this problem without doing more research, I mean I can talk about the obvious solutions to climate change, or the well known solutions. Like electric cars, just less carbon emissions in general. This issue is one that I find very important because I grew up going to yellowstone, and I plan on going to college in montana. Another reason this topic is so important to me is because my favorite animal is the Buffalo, and I'd actually like to do some research on how they are being effected by climate change. Climate change is an enormous issue and I find it interesting to learn about solutions. I do believe it would be incredibly sad if yellowstone were to lose the snow it keeps during the winter. I also know that in that area bears are starting to heighbornate less because they are able to find food in the winter. The bears are finding that there is no need to heighbornate because they can find human food in the winter, and the only reason they haighbornate is because of the need to rest with the food they have.

DMU Timestamp: February 13, 2024 08:59

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