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This topic has intrigued me for a long time because my whole life I've only ever gone to private school, and I've received a really good education, however whenever my family or I speak with someone who had connections to the public school system they don't always have positive things to say. My whole life my parents have told me the public school system isn't built to properly give kids the resources they need to thrive, even when the school is located in a properly resources area, with donors who are able to subsidize these schools in whatever ways they find necessary. My family has a personal connection to a former public school teacher, and after having many conversations with her about how hard her job was I'm starting to see the disconnect. In past years there have been so many kids placed in her classroom, it became hard to give each student the personalized attention they needed. One example she continued to go back to every time we would take to her is when she had a few students who needed extra help in their schooling, and despite her having a teachers aid in her classroom to help her out, she was still unable to give these students the proper support because there were just too many kids in the class room, and leaving them all with the aid would be impossible. Utah has the highest birth rate in the country my mom always saying, meaning that amount of kids entering the public school system is larger than most states, and their just aren't the resources to support all these students. This does lead me to wonder why the government won't step up, and find ways to support the public schools. The majority of children in Utah go to the public schools, and personally I don't understand how the government can stand by and watch as all these children enter a school system that is properly set up for them. These kids are the future people that are going to take over in important jobs, and roles, so why they aren't being set up correctly is worrying me.

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