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Is World Peace Possible?

Worldwide peace is most likely only some decades from now, when threats to humanity’s existence generated by global warming, pollution, etc., become an imminent threat to all.

In brief, only world peace driven by a recognition of the threat to everyone’s survival is the most likely source of salvation for a shortsighted humanity currently not able to see and think beyond the immediate.

“World peace is possible if all of us think it is possible.

It’s not easy to list all of the things John and I, jointly and separately, did hopefully to make a better world for all of us. However, now, so many people are activists, working seriously day and night to make world peace happen. We are very, very close since we know that there is no recourse. We are about to conquer all prejudices–racism, sexism and ageism. We are now getting the taste of working as activists, and how exciting that is. I think we are on the right track. Don’t you? I love you with all my heart!

“When violence occurs, it is usually because of people’s incentives, which depend on their beliefs.

Extremist echo chambers, and their social networks, are serious threats. If leaders and citizens think that enemies are everywhere, or that their best chance to get ahead (or to heaven) is to attack, then peace will be a pipe dream.

But incentives and beliefs can change in a hurry. Democracies do not generally go to war against each other: their leaders have strong incentives to maintain the peace, and information flows freely, breaking down echo chambers and enabling people to find conflict-free paths. As self-government and freedom of speech spread, world peace becomes more feasible.

DMU Timestamp: February 26, 2024 20:26

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