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What does this course mean to me? What a loaded question. Of course, it means a grade. It means learning a new skill, how to interview. It means meeting some great people with interests similar to mine. These are all parts of why I picked UVa's out of that pile of acceptance letters on decision day. I've always known this was the place for me.
After spending three meetings with this class, I can already tell that my deep love for UVa will only grow deeper by "taking on these challenges."

As a member of the UVa Spirit Program, I've been surrounded by the people who would die for UVa athletics since my first year. Now, with this class, I feel like I'm truly surrounding myself with the people who would die for its academics and administration. So many participants in this class were lucky enough to be in Charlottesville during those days between the resignation and the reinstatement, and many of us were willing and able to take part in a lot of the media and events surrounding the situation. I admire so many of these participants for the roles they've assumed in the UVa community, and although we're not a huge group, together we encompass so many different aspects and areas of the University.

This diversity will certainly come in handy as we work together this semester. Mills explains in detail the creation of a society and the effects a society has on its people, and vice versa. This major event in UVa history will, I believe, prove to be a huge testament to the strength of a society as well as the many different layers it takes to run a society. I'm excited to brainstorm interviewees and questions that will help us uncover some of the mysteries of the Teresa Sullivan ouster and reinstatement. This situation alone has already helped us discover the concepts of strength in numbers, power and responsibility, and using media outlets to call people to action. The oral history we will collect will further our understanding of these concepts as society members, individuals, and wahoos.

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