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edlf 5011 project proposal

Author: Nick Veschi

Lesson: How to play corn hole.

My student: I plan to teach this lesson to my girlfriend. She is a 20 year-old History major at UVa. She used to play tennis and cheerlead in high school. She has seen people playing corn hole before, but doesn’t know how to play herself. She says that she really wants to learn how to play so that she can be more active during tailgating.

Components of the Lesson:

  • Access to prior knowledge:

    • I will ask her how she thinks that you play corn hole, and/or the words that come to her mind when she hears corn hole.

  • Body:

    • I will explain to her all the rules of corn hole like how many people play at a time (4), how many people on a team (2), the scoring system (1s or 3s and net scoring), what you play to (21), and what happens when you go over 21 (you go back to 15).

    • I will then have her watch four people who know how to play corn hole play a game.

    • Then I will have those same people play a game again, but make mistakes. She will have to find out the mistakes and point them out to me.

    • After that I will play a game with her, correcting any mistakes she might make, and possibly making mistakes myself on purpose.

  • Closer:

    • My girlfriend will be asked to list all of the rules of corn hole the way they were described to her.

    • Then she will play a game by herself without any instruction or correction so she can reflect on whether she learned the game properly.

DMU Timestamp: September 21, 2012 23:54

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