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Option B, Project Proposal

I will design and deliver two hours of basic Punjabi language instruction to a college-aged student. There will be two lessons, each consisting of TPRS (total physical response storytelling) and a physical activitiy (i.e. cutting out a shape, dancing).

TPRS encourages exclusive use of the target language (that may be beyond the students zone of proximal development) with accompanying gestures, pictures and actions to help students comprehend linguistic input. Because it builds on the student knowledge of common gestures, overt actions and humor, my lesson accesses existing knowledge to acquire new knowledge of Punjabi.

As the student implicitly draws connections between the sounds of Punjabi words and easily recognizable pictures, gestures and actions, transfer of this new knowledge is encouraged by the student's reciprocation of gestures and actions.

The lesson will cover very basic vocabulary and grammar. It will focus on recognizable verbs and nouns, highlighting critical cultural aspects of Punjabi. The first lesson will consist of greetings, expressions of happiness, sadness, hunger, fear, excitement, big, small, good and bad. These will be presented in a TPRS structure involving pictures, gestures and actions. Lessons will start with the student performing gestures etc. with the teacher and progress to performing alone with cues from the teacher. The second lesson will consist of expressions for body parts, dancing, smile, stomping, clapping etc. and will culminate in the student performing Bhangra dance with the teacher and alone with cues from the teacher. 

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