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Sample Uses of NowComment Image Commenting

Enhanced Image Commenting, which lets you draw boxes around and then comment on specific parts of an image, just went live; it will only work on newly uploaded documents.

Here are some image categories we expect image commenting to be popular with, but we'd love your input on:

  • Interesting image commenting applications that occur to you
  • any ideas for making image commenting (and NowComment) easier and better!


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Art / Art History



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Writing Exercises / Analysis

Hunters in the Snow, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1565


Bruegel’s breathtaking panoramic painting shows a scene set in harshest winter. The weary hunters of the title are returning home at the end of a disappointing hunt (the rewards of their labours, as we see, are meagre, and even the dogs look a little sorry for themselves, though the expansive view they and we are looking down on is spectacular and uplifting). The scene is described with striking spareness, the poet picking out details that make up the composition as a whole, making us aware of "Bruegel the painter" bringing these elements carefully and strikingly together.

Hunters in the Snow, William Carlos Williams (1962)

The over-all picture is winter
icy mountains
in the background the return

from the hunt it is toward evening
from the left
sturdy hunters lead in

their pack the inn-sign
hanging from a
broken hinge is a stag a crucifix

between his antlers the cold
inn yard is
deserted but for a huge bonfire

that flares wind-driven tended by
women who cluster
about it to the right beyond

the hill is a pattern of skaters
Brueghel the painter
concerned with it all has chosen

a winter-struck bush for his
foreground to
complete the picture

[Note the use of line breaks to separate lines but carriage returns to separate stanzas.]

Small Images (under 50x50 pixels)

Source: Wikipedia

Very small images don’t support the image toolbar, but you can still make whole image comments by treating the image as a paragraph, as NowComment used to do with all images.

Future Work

  • Mobile enhancement to allow drawing of new Areas
  • Things you can suggest (new features, bugs you find, whatever!)

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