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TTT#512 What happens when 25 National Writing Project Teachers Build Playlists and Badges on LRNG?

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

On, Wed Nov 10 at 9pmET/6pmPT, join a conversation about building curriculum and badges for students at with Kiley Larson, Director, Learning Content & Research at LRNG

25 +National Writing Project teachers who use in their classrooms are on a sprint this fall to create "Playlists, XPs, and Badges" with each other.

+Chris Sloan, +Christina Cantrill, +Jane Higgins, +Johanna Paraiso, +Joe Dillon, +Stephanie West-Puckett, +TERRY ELLIOTT, and Trixie Smith will be joining the conversation.

We plan to keep LRNG and the "Sandboxes for Learning" project that 25 Youth Voices teachers are involved in -- developing Playlists and XPs, then seeing that they need to make BADGES TOO! -- at the center of our conversation. Then, see where it goes!

Two people coming to the conversation are Trixie Smith (Red Cedar Writing Project, MSU) and Jane Higgins (New York City Writing Project, Lehman, CUNY). They are the directors of Writing Projects where two of the DML 6 - LRNG groups are working.

With us also will be Stephanie West-Puckett, a colleague from the Tar River Writing Project (East Carolina University). Her recent College English article speaks to badges in terms that many of us in the National Writing Project recognize and can ally to. And the process of negotiating assessment around badges is something we might want to do with the LRNG work. We'll see how Stephanie's ideas might fit this work. If you have any time to add to the conversation around Stephanie's article, please do!

Also joining us will be Chris Sloan and Joe Dillion, who are leading a distributed/digital LRNG/YV group, and Jo Paraiso, who is leading a group of teachers in Oakland, CA. We also invited our favorite gadfly, Terry Elliott because he teaches first-year college students similar to Stephanie's.

Please plan to join us this Wednesday, November 10 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

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