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TTT#518: Picture Me - Reviewing an LRNG Playlist that needs a Badge, a work session (Streamed Live, Wed Jan 11, 2017)

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

Tonight on Teachers Teaching Teachers at 9pm ET/6pm PT

+Chris Sloan

and I -- along with any other members of the "Sandboxes for Learning" teams will be taking a look at

+Grace Raffaele

's Playlist: "Picture Me" in which she invites youth to make VoiceThread collections of the places that make them who they are.

We'd love to have you join us at

Grace needs a badge for this playlist, and Chris and I will make one for her. And here are more questions Grace posed for us to consider tonight. (She can't make it.)

I was wondering:
1. Should I offer more in the way of an experience with making a VoiceThread other than offering the tutorial as a resource? Should there be a “VoiceThread-making XP”? 2. Are the instructions for what to do clear enough? Should there be more step-by-step instructions in any of the XPs? 3. I tried to make this more about the image-taking than the writing-making but is there any XP that should ask for more extensive writing? You can upload a Word document to VoiceThread, so I could ask for more in the way of writing than I have. But I wanted this to be a way to explore photography as an alternative way of expressing who we are and not load it with writing pieces. Would a reflection piece be appropriate as an end to the whole VoiceThread which might be the writing part? Something like “What I have learned about me from "Picture Me!” or doesn’t that work as part of a Playlist XP experience?

Thank you for looking at what I have done and giving feedback in any way - I know whatever comes of this evening’s conversation will help me get this completed and published. So sorry I cannot be there but I will listen in tomorrow as soon as I can!

Last week on Teachers Teaching Teachers (9pm ET/6pm PT on Wednesdays at Christina Cantrill, Paul Allison, Joe Dillon, and National Writing Project Site Development Director Tom Fox @tomfoxchico reviewed teacher-consultant, Casey Olsen's @Mr_Olsen_Says LRNG playlist

On TTT, recently, we've been slowly, descriptively looking at the online, blended curriculum 20 teachers across the country have been building for their students on as part of the DML Competition 6: Sandboxes for Learning

TTT#513 Building LRNG Playlists for Youth Voices in Michigan
Streamed: November 30, 2016

TTT#516 Working together on LRNG Playlists, XPs, and Badges
Streamed: December 21, 2016

We plan to continue this close reading of the LRNG playlists we are creating because we're finding that by looking slowly at one helps us know what to revise and build in our own playlists. We are learning how to move our curriculum onto the LRNG learning platform that will allow for more choice, more connected learning in our classes and in after-school programs.

In this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, Casey Olsen asked us to give him feedback on a curriculum he has created using materials from the National Writing Project's College-Ready Writers Program

Here's how he describes his playlist for youth:

"Thoughtful citizens read, criticize, analyze, and create arguments daily---reading the paper, watching the news, surfing the internet, talking among friends, family, and co-workers. These small moments in everyday life make up a strong democracy. By exploring the XPs in this playlist, you will hone your skills to recognize and respond to the issues that surround you."

We welcome your further comments and responses.

TTT#517 Argument is Everywhere - College-Ready Writers Program, LRNG Playlists, Youth Voices

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