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Scenario: Charlie's Gumballs

Author: The Math Forum at NCTM

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DMU Timestamp: May 11, 2020 21:16

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Aug 21
Amanda G Amanda G (Aug 21 2020 1:51PM) : This is a great visual and tactile activity. It can be used to show students fractions (how "half of that" differed after the whole number changed), comparing, recording information in a graph, etc.
Sep 19
Zachary M Zachary M (Sep 19 2020 9:18PM) : Use of Manipulatives more

The scenario presented in this video is a great visual and tactile activity for students to better understand number sense. This activity would be particularly beneficial to elementary school students, since students at this level typically understand mathematics through visual and hands-on activities. Some of the mathematical skills that could be acquired from this activity include understanding division as how many times a number is contained in another via partitioning the number into groups of the same size, comparing numbers, and collecting and recording data in a chart or graph.

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