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NYCWP's Invitational Leadership Institute

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What is the New York City Writing Project's Invitational Leadership Institute? The NYCWP’s Summer Invitational Leadership Institute provides opportunities to: • Write every day and grow as a writer in a community of supportive colleagues. • Engage in teaching and learning that is based on Writing Project principles and informs classroom practice. • Discover connected learning technology opportunities that will inform your pedagogy. • Identify a classroom inquiry and develop a corresponding workshop that shares your professional learning with others. • Participate during the year following the institute as an NYCWP teacher leader within our network.

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blog icon Collection: Drafts for Response 12 none yet Grace Raffaele Mar-11-20 Information-grey
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blog icon Collection: Writing to Learn 0 none yet Paul Allison Jul-15-19 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: Students Turning Texts, Images, and Video into Conversations 3322 none yet Paul Allison Jul-09-19 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: Reading and Writing: Articles & Resources 0 none yet Paul Allison Jul-09-19 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: High-Stakes and Low-Stakes Writing: Articles & Resources 0 none yet Paul Allison Jul-08-19 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: Revision: Articles & Resources 86 none yet Paul Allison Jul-02-19 Information-grey

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The Historically Responsive Literacy Model: Identity, Skills, Intellect, and Criticality 0 none yet Liz Locatelli Jul-16-21 Information-grey
The Mindful Writing Workshop: Teaching in the Age of Stress and Trauma, Chapters 1-3, by Richard Koch 5 ~1 year Paul Allison Jul-20-20 Information-grey
Protests in Minneapolis over death of George Floyd after arrest – in pictures 28 11 months Paul Allison May-28-20 Information-grey

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