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Community School District 24

Using Habits of Mind to Promote SEL

Deepening Understanding of CRSE

Clarifying Expectations through Co-creation

Session four

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May 30

This is a clear example of unequal justice, and an unacceptable demonstration of how it is okay for certain people to be treated as less than. We must understand that everyone deserves the same rights, respect, and protections under the law. Being subjected to unjust prejudice or discrimination is wrong, no matter who or what group is targeted.

May 30

I’m a little confused with the language used in this paragraph. It’s clear that the text is from a long time ago.

May 30

I didn’t expect her to kill herself, her child, and her unborn baby..

May 30

The file reading the pdf is not quite up to par. Sorry …

May 30

This implies that Lizzie was afraid of something and that her fear was very intense. Perhaps she is afraid that something bad is going to happen or that she is in danger.

This text can lead us to speculate on the source of Lizzie’s fear. It can also help us to think about the bigger picture of the relationship between Jim and Lizzie and the implications of Jim’s behavior that Lizzie is reacting to. Re-reading the text could provide insight into how Jim and Lizzie’s relationship may be impacting Lizzie’s fear.

May 30

im assuming miss lizzie is white and treats black people with more respect than usual.

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