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Join us in remembering The Lives Lost.
Write a poem for a victim of the Buffalo or Uvalde mass shootings.

Embedding SEL into Curriculum

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Clarifying Expectations through Co-creation

Assessment Types & Social Construction

Promoting CRSE by Making Tasks More Authentic

Promoting Self-Discovery Through Effective Feedback

Preparing for Quality Discussion

Building The Capacity to Lead

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Jun 28

I think just like the activity we did in class we can’t just completely ignore the media because it gives us biased information as there are somethings that we have to listen to in order to be safe such as the weather etc. Similarly there are statistics that we could use in order to have important/real statistics that we could use in our own arguments, opinions or research.

Jun 28

I think this is very important to note on how there are so many fake statistics out there that continue to live on and create biased from those who encounter these statistics.

Jun 28

I have a question about this, so was the statistic stated by the C.D.F. not specific enough or was it only talking about children death by gun violence, it gets a little confusing here?

Jun 28

I agree with this point and it’s also very surprising that an article would say such a thing when it is such a crazy statistic to state. Also, the fact that the student put that into his essay showed how people are so easy to believe crazy statistics like this if it is a “credible-looking” source.

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