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Apr 20

I’ve been engaged with two Habits of Mind: Engaging with Wonderment and Awe and Gathering Data with All Senses, and there is something here that fits with Moffett’s description of creating from what we know. I think it’s worth saying that writing starts with knowing something and knowing starts with wondering. So there something here. I don’t know… I’m still abstracting from this text.

Apr 19

Both “Parable of the Sower”  and the movie “Fast Color” feature dystopian environments as essential components that influence the characters’ lives and advance the stories. In “Parable of the Sower,” social disintegration, economic failure, and environmental degradation have wreaked havoc on the earth, leaving it a desolate place where survival is precarious and danger awaits. Similar to this, in “Fast Color,” the setting is a near-future America engulfed in a drought and social disintegration, with government agents attempting to manipulate people born with superhuman talents. The dystopian settings in both pieces provide devastating observations on the impact of ignoring current challenges with regard to social fairness, environmental sustainability, and power abuse.

Apr 19
in fast colors the characters engage in research to uncover information about their own abilities, the origins of their powers, and potential solutions to the challenges they face.Engaging in research allows the character to undergo personal growth and discovery
Apr 19

The daughter in Fast Colors might feel a similar way. She longs for an escape, a way out of this world, but this is simply impossible. The impossiblity of everything is where similarities can be drawn, people are essentially trapped. Unable to get out of their current situations, but there are still moments of quiet relief, where the world seems to melt away.

Apr 19

Every time she has the trimmers there is chaos. In the beginning, she caused an earthquake which sent shock waves through the motel

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