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What's up with Columbus Day? Return to Group

How to Engage in this Guided Inquiry

  • First Round of Reading: Quickly read and watch all of the videos, proclamations, historical accounts, interviews, comics, commentaries, and essays in this collection.
  • Round Two of Reading: Now slow down. Go back to three, four, or five of the documents in this collection and take all the time you need to write a lot of annotations on the ones you choose. 
    • Some of the texts you annotate more deeply should have sentences and paragraphs in them that fit with your ideas about Columbus Day.
    • But you should also annotate texts whose authors you disagree with or that make you feel uncomfortable.
    • Spend time with texts that both support and challenge your own views about Columbus Day.
  • Once you have engaged in annotating several of these documents, you will be ready to write an imaginative script of a drama where you bring several of these authors together beyond time and in a space that you choose to debate Columbus Day -- using the actual words of these texts.‚Äč
  • When you write your script where these writers, artists, and producers sit down and present their arguments, your goal will be to fairly represent the mosaic of different opinions about Columbus Day.
  • Read more about how to do the "First Round of Reading" and "Round Two of Reading" in this Activity on LRNG.

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