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NowComment Pedagogy Blog

  • ~ 6 years ago

    NowComment Advantages for Peer Review Information-grey

    Marked up Paper Document

    Peer review, whether formal or informal, is a very common NowComment application. Reviewing documents online offers many significant advantages over marking up paper copies:

    1. Overcomes Physical Page Constraints
      Reviewers want to make their comments in-context with the corresponding part of the document (rather than on a separate paper), which for a physical page means comments in the margins. But that space if very limited, and the need to drastically prune one's prose; comments are too often left cryptic from over-compression, and more often than not the reviewer isn't passing on all relevant comments. NowComment's reason for existence is to provide fast and easy (1-click!) commenting tied to specific document passages (though macro “Whole Document” comments are welcome too).
    2. Avoids Paper Swapping
      Passing on physical pieces of paper requires students to arrange handoff and retrieval logistics,...


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  • almost 9 years ago


    Assigned Readings with NowComment Information-grey


    There are several significant advantages to using NowComment for assigned readings:

    1. Accountability

    Requiring thoughtful online comments before lecture or discussion enforces student accountability for having done the reading.Teachers and discussion section TAs tell us that with traditional face-to-face discussion, the first x minutes are usually spent probing to see how many students did the reading and how well they understood it.

    With NowComment you can require everyone in the class or discussion group to make a minimum number of comments by a certain date and time (a maximum per person can also be set); this lets you hear from everyone in the class and gauge their level of thinking and understanding.

    NowComment also has a “Hide Comments” feature that lets you (the document uploader) but not other students see comments made on the document.This forces students to share their own thoughts without being influenced by earlier comments.


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  • almost 9 years ago

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    Assessment with NowComment Information-grey


    NowComment has three built-in tools that make assessment easy for Instructors:

    Assessing Student Participation

    1. Individual Document — Sorting comments by student name gives you:

    • a count of how many comments each student made (checking against a minimum number of assigned comments if you choose to set one)

    • an easy way to compare the quality of those comments between students

    To see sorted comments click the “Sorted” radio button while reading the document.

    1. Multiple Documents Report — This is just a more flexible version of the sort above; you can run it on one document, a few selected...

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  • almost 9 years ago

    Use of Groups in NowComment Information-grey

    You can have as many Groups in NowComment as you want.Anyone can create a Group; students can create their own study and project groups without any admin work required from the Instructor.

    Here are a few ideas for adding collaborative group experiences to your NowComment assignments:

    1. Everyone comments on the same text

    This is most useful with texts posing problems that are highly subjective (many possible answers or approaches, none clearly right or clearly wrong).

    Teams/workgroups are created to be small enough for everyone in the group to be actively involved in online commenting to work through the challenges posed by the document being discussed.At the end of the commenting period each group chooses a representative to verbally present its findings to the class (in miniature, Think-Pair-Share). If desired, the groups can then meet again to discuss the new...

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  • almost 9 years ago

    Flexible Instructional Design with NowComment Information-grey

    NowComment is most commonly used in traditional classes to complement face-to-face discussion, lectures, and other standard teaching methods (in distance education settings NowComment can serve as the primary vehicle for student-teacher interaction).

    One of the great advantages of online commenting is its flexibility; you can use it in a wide variety of contexts and sequences to meet your educational objectives.For example:

    NowComment to engage with assigned reading

    Requiring intelligent online comments is a good way to hold students accountable for having done the reading.This can be especially helpful in preparation for face-to-face discussion of that reading; students’ online comments are very useful as organic conversation-starters.

    Review NowComment comments before a lecture


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