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Study Group: Quality Education Return to Group

  • 10 months ago

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    Slowly, More Students Return to Classrooms Information-grey

    A year into the pandemic, a growing number of districts — including Los Angeles — plan to open for in-person learning.

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    School reopening inched forward across the country this week, as middle school students went back to class in Chicago, and New York City announced that it would welcome tens of thousands of high school students back on March 22.

    But the real seismic shifts came on the West Coast — where hesitance about in-person classes has been the greatest — as some districts laid out plans to bring students back to classrooms for the first time during the pandemic.

    Los Angeles is the only one of the nation’s 10-largest school systems where classes remain entirely virtual. Our colleague Shawn Hubler looked this week at the impact on families, many of whom have struggled with remote learning.

    “My computer doesn’t want to run Zoom,”...

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  • 10 months ago


    Covid-19’s Impact on Students’ Academic and Mental Well-Being Information-grey

    The pandemic has shone a spotlight on inequality in America: School closures and social isolation have affected all students, but particularly those living in poverty. Adding to the damage to their learning, a mental health crisis is emerging as many students have lost access to services that were offered by schools.

    No matter what form school takes when the new year begins—whether students and teachers are back in the school building together or still at home—teachers will face a pressing issue: How can they help students recover and stay on track throughout the year even as their lives are likely to continue to be disrupted by the pandemic?

    New research provides insights about the scope of the problem—as well as potential solutions.

    A new study suggests that the coronavirus will undo months of academic gains, leaving many students behind. The study authors project that students will start the new school year with an average of 66 percent of the learning gains in reading and 44 percent of the learning gains in math, relative to the gains for a typical school year. But the situation is worse on the reading front, as the researchers also predict that the top third of students will make gains, possibly because they’re likely to...

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  • 10 months ago


    Should Schools Be Giving So Many Failing Grades This Year? Information-grey

    About a third of high school students in St. Paul, Minn., had a nonpassing grade at the end of the first quarter. Similar patterns have shown up in Los Angeles, Houston, several districts surrounding San Diego and in the California Bay Area, and two large districts near the District of Columbia—Fairfax County, Va., and Montgomery County, Md. In Salt Lake City, reports of three times as many failing secondary grades were so worrisome that students mounted a protest to demand in-person schooling.


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