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WOW us with a lot of photos showing how many different ways you can capture your favorite place with your camera!

We invite you to:

  1. Write about an important place.
  2. Take photos.
  3. Post your photos.
  4. Connect with other youth photographers

Scroll below to find examples by other youth and and how-to guides for each of these activities.

Get started

Your goal for this playlist is to complete the four activities below. As you finish each of these endeavors, your work will be collected in the timeline of your profile. At a later time, we’ll ask you to bookmark the items in your timeline that are most meaningful to you, and we’ll ask you to reflect on and assess your learning using the Habits of Mind.

  • 17 days ago


    1. Write about an Important Place Information-grey


    Writing about a place will help you to with discriptive writing and writing from memory. It will help you to think about what you want to photograph there to show why this place is important to you.

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  • 17 days ago


    2. Take Photos Information-grey


    Taking pictures, expecially with the intention of capturing what is special about a loved place, can help you to really see that place and what makes it important to you. Giving your attention to the craft of photography and trying to use as many different perspectives as possible might also help you see your special place with fresh eyes.

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