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2. Take Photos

What we are inviting you to make:

Your best image from a set of photographs that YOU MADE at a place you love. When you are done with this activity you will have a collection of a dozen or more images that you have taken at the important place that you wrote about in the first activity. Choose the best, most meaningful photo from this collection and post it in a status update on your profile page on Youth Voices.


See the comments.

How to do this, step-by-step

Over the next few days…

Capture the feelings you have about a place you love with photography. TAKE YOUR OWN PHOTOS! (Please do not submit photos you find online.) Consider shooting it from different perspectives:

  • above/below
  • close/far away

Get more ideas by clicking this link to see articles about “Camera Angles, Positions, or Viewpoints.”

After you have taken a dozen or more photographs in this place in your community that is important to you:

  • Save all of your images. You will need them in the next activity in this playlist.
  • Choose the ONE image from your collection that best captures your feelings about this place.
  • Go to your wall on Youth Voices and add your best photo to a status update. Also write why you chose this image.

Reflecting on the Habits of Mind

When you finish posting one of your images in a status update on your wall, bookmark that update, then reply to it yourself. In your reply to your own bookmarked update, reflect on how you used two or three Habits of Mind to complete this work. How is your work evidence of your ability to use these Habits of Mind?

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