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A Plastic Ocean Documentary Questions

“A Plastic Ocean” Discussion Questions

  1. What can we do as consumers, to prevent waste from ending up in lakes and oceans?
  2. What is one way you can reduce your use of single-use plastics?
  3. What are alternatives to common single-use plastics?
  4. How many plastic bags do you estimate you use per week? Multiply that by 52 to get yearly usage.
  5. Why is it worse that there is no floating island of plastic, but rather small pieces of plastic are scattered throughout the oceans?
  6. How is waste (and the accumulation of it) not only harming wildlife, but ourselves?
  7. What makes up the majority of municipal waste in America?
  8. How can we as Americans cause change in the way manufacturers produce plastic?
  9. What should we demand from the government that can cause a reduction in waste?
  10. What do you think is the biggest source of plastic you use in your daily life?

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