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12 Angry Men (Adaptation 2)

Juror 8: A key witness to a murder trial claimed she saw the killing through the windows of a moving elevated train. The train had five cars, and while watching from the safety of her apartment window, she saw it happen through the windows of the last two cars. She remembers the most insignificant details. I am not entirely sure if she is correct in thinking this, however.

Now, this woman claims she had seen the killing through the windows of a moving train. If you take a look at the sketch that was drawn of an elevated train, you need to wonder. How long does it take an elevated train going at top speed to pass a given point?

Along with this witness who saw the killing, I invite you to think of the old man who also happened to hear the young man being accused yell out “I’m going to kill you,” to his father, and after this he heard a body fall out the window. And that was his testimony.

DMU Timestamp: November 11, 2010 18:20

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