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Literary Analysis and comparison of the three stories

It’s occurred to me that these three have one strong connection in between and that is how the social class is mentioned in each of one them. As in the story, “Everyday Use”, Dee was the girl in the family who had an education and she has chosen her style which is nowhere near her actual life condition and she couldn’t care less about it despite the fact that they were the bottom dwellers. This is shown when their old house burned down to aches it’s like a huge stone was taken off of her back because she hated that house so much. Her mother who said she used to dream about how she would go to one of those TV programs she would embracing her daughter and having compliment about what a fine girl she raided. What she meant by that was how Deep would succeed in life and change their life condition. All to say that both Dee and her mother are seeking to change their social class. It not like anybody can blame them, because in the years 1973 colored people were at the bottom anyway and willing to bring themselves up. In the story, “The Lesson”, Mrs.Moore as a teacher decided to give a lesson about how the wealth is unequally divided in the society to her students. Some of the kids also belonged in the bottom line of the society because they couldn’t even afford having a presentable uniform for a trip a toy store. As they were wandering in the store some of the toy were affordable for some of them. Some kids claimed that their parents could afford buying these toys for them if they wanted too and some of them claimed that it would take an eternity for them to save their allowance to buy it. Moverove, as their were talking about how a clown toy would cost $35 and it was a hell lot of money for some of them. This amount of money could pay for so many things in their house on a daily basis. Also this amount of money could be used to one single clown toy for the rich kids who probably wouldn't consider it. This gap has made the kids feel like some people are being left out in the whole society. All to mentioned that wealth is equally divided and so leads to a huge gap between the bottom dwellers and the rich people. In the story “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl,Whitegirl, Halfie,” dating lessons have been given by a dominican protagonist which depends on the girl’s skin color. The protagonist is giving tips about what to do or what to avoid doing depending on the girl and her background. I think that the girl’s background is a huge detail to consider because it comes along with her life’s conditions and her surroundings. Thinking about her life’s condition, comes what social class she belongs to and since life conditions matters and advice are given depending on race, then it would be easy to bring up racial wealth gap. Therefore, the protagonist have different adving depending on the girl background and life condition and so her social class.

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