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Goals for Multimodal Literacy in STEM

TQP LUTE-STEM Multimodal Literacy Project Goals

We invite you to...

Develop both the intellectual framework and a set of practical tools that you can use in your residency and later as a student-teacher and beyond. We will invite you to use an online tool, NowComment where you can:

  • EXPLORE: Write fieldnotes that you share with other residents for comments. We’ll start this by asking you to imagine and describe one student you might be observing or teaching soon.
  • LEARN: Annotate, analyze, and discuss texts, images, and videos that we have selected to help you expand your knowledge of the role that multiliteracies play in bridging between what your students know and can do and what they will need to know and be able to do to be successful in your discipline.
  • APPLY: Playtest examples of activities for learning in your discipline, then reflect on your experience as a learner and the implications this has for teaching the youth who you are observing and describing in your fieldnotes.
  • SHARE & PARTICIPATE: We will also be inviting you to share on NowComment other articles, infographics, and videos you find about multimodal literacy and learning in your discipline. And we’ll ask you to create or find more examples of activities for learning or curriculum that you can upload to NowComment for the other residents to annotate, learn from, and eventually use in their classrooms.

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